Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!

We interrupt our previously scheduled post so that we can finally give you a proper update to the exceptional good news post of February 28, 2012.

Two and a half years ago (Super Bowl weekend 2010), at the same time that I decided to get serious about my writing, a small seed of an idea took root. No matter how much I tried to shake it loose or dig it up, it simply would not go away. So, off to the computer I went to see what words would come forth.

A little over 69,000 words sprang forth and decorated my world like a tree full of cherry blossoms. After spending two months completing that first draft and another year polishing up that first draft, I then spent the next several months afterwards querying my ass off to agents and publishers.

Initial success came on February 28, 2012 in the form of a contract from Solstice Publishing.

Complete success came on October 30, 2012 in the form of the commercial debut of my adult fantasy novel.

Solstice Publishing
 Right now, it's available from Solstice Publishing for $2.99, with release on Amazon and Smashwords within a week or so, and a print version to follow afterwards, along with a release on B&N.

To check out the hot trailer for it, please click here.

To check out the brief synopsis for Line 21, please click here.

To check out the original prologue, please click here (warning, it is housed on my adult blog)

Once again, I am forever and enternally grateful to Solstice Publishing for taking the chance on a newbie writer, and no matter what the future may hold or bring, I will always cherish this initial fulfillment of my dream.

Update (11/2/12): It is now live on Amazon and it has already gathered its first 5 star review.


  1. Excellent, man. Congrats. I started reading it last night. It will take me a while at the rate I'm getting to read these days but it looks great so far.

  2. is real now that is in your hands!

  3. Congratulations, G - that's awesome!

  4. Congrats, G.B.! You had a dream and followed it through! Wishing you much success with the book.

  5. Very very cool!! Count me in for an Amazon review...just let me know when.

  6. Charles: Thanks!

    Glad you like it so far and hope it meets your expectations.

    Bearman: Yes indeed. It's a great feeling, and something completely different than self-publishing. I actually got the PDF loaded up to my Nook so that I can show it off to people.

    Lynn: Thanks!

    Chris: Thanks!

    Debra: Thanks! It's been a very long and very strange trip to publication, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    M: Will do.

    You can always post it on the Solstice website as well.

  7. I would add my literary voice to the chorus of congratulations.

    Hope to see a sequel

  8. Darth: Thanks!

    Been thinking about one on and off for the past couple of years, so we'll see how it goes in the coming months.

  9. Awesome! Nothing better than a dream coming true, congrats!

  10. Pat: Thanks!

    Yes, there is nothing better than a dream coming true.

    Now I just gotta keep making that dream stay true.

  11. Congratulations, George!!! It has to be awesome to see all your hard work come to fruition! :)

  12. Lisa: Thanks!

    I'm very glad that I was able to share my trials and tribulations with everyone, and I as promised waaaaaaaaaaaay back when, I did write you into the book at the final scene in the restaurant.

  13. Oh, that's right -- I forgot all about that! I just downloaded it to my Kindle -- can't wait to read! :)

  14. I'm so happy for you! It must feel almost like winning a Million bux...I hope sales go well, n keep going.

  15. Lisa: Thanks.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Snaggle: Thanks.

    Yes, it does feel like winning a million bucks, and I do hope that sales become respectable and I most definitely want to keep it going.

  16. Damn I missed the celebration!! Congratulations!!! Fantastic news!

  17. I just gave your reviewer on Amazon a click of approval, and I suggest your readers do the same. It's always nice to feel that a review you've written has been helpful. :)

  18. Joe: Thanks and Thanks!

    I think what made this review particularly meaningful was that it was from an author who chose to go out of her comfort zone (she writes YA) to read my book.

    It's very hard to read something that is out of your comfort zone, and even harder to enjoy it, much like it is listening to new music.

    So I am very grateful for the review.

    And it was most definitely the 2nd hardest road that I've had to travel in my lifetime (1st was getting married).

  19. I know I said it on FB, but well done G:) I remember reading those first few opening paragraphs that you wrote about the skint young lady - I am so pleased that you brought the novel to conclusion and secured a deal. I am working hard on my own novel at the moment but when I take some respite I shall read on my Kindle:)

  20. Jane: Thanks.

    It was a tough battle to see this book to a successful conclusion, and I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion on it.


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