Monday, November 4, 2013

Father Nature's Corner

Father Nature's Corner

Good day to everyone! As I'd mentioned in last Friday's (11/1) post, I would write one more post so that some of my readers who have stepped away from the cyber world due to real world obligations would have a semi-permanent post in which to start their journey to my new blog, as well as anyone else who happened to stop by either due to this addy being on a business card or they hit the "next blog" button on their dashboard.

The picture you see is the header for my new blog, Father Nature's Corner. Clicking either the link or the caption will bring you to the front page of my new blog, which will be update with roughly the same frequency of Cedar's Mountain.

Once again, I like to sincerely thank all of my wonderful readers who have made the last 5 1/2 years of my life as pleasant and as fruitful as humanly possible.

Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm Moving Out!

Almost 5 1/2 years ago, May 24th 2008 to be precise, I started this nifty little blog called Cedar's Mountain that you're reading today..

Throughout the 1,065+ blog posts, I have covered almost every conceivable topic that had interested me. While I was waxing poetically, philosophically, argumentatively, and plaintively, with as much drama as I could hyperventilate with, I managed to meet dozens of people, made friends with almost as many, and basically had a block party to end all block parties.

I also managed to pick the brains of some well known writers in genres that prior to 2008 weren't event on my radar, received genuine, heartfelt (and sometimes harsh) critique of my writing. Along the way, I managed to get two short stories and one novel published the traditional way, which gave me the confidence to dip my toes into the self-publishing waters again and publish a short story trilogy.

Blogging has always been and will always be near and dear to my heart. However, sometimes we have to face the reality that every once in a while, to be truly happy and satisfied with what you're doing, you have to make a change, radical or otherwise.

For the past few months I've been giving serious thought about doing something completely different with my blogging. Not something as radical as gutting and rebuilding (hell, I do enough of that with my writing), but more in the line of tweaking and cleaning.

However, during those same few months I've been getting completely aggravated with Feedburner and the perpetual fluctuation of my subscriber count due to the permanently corrupted content contained with my feed and template. I've also become somewhat disenchanted with my current blog, and somewhat envious of other bloggers and their blogs (not the content, just the appearance).

So this past Sunday (10/27) I made the decision to eliminate all of my blogging stress with extreme prejudice, and created a brand new blog called Father Nature's Corner with a brand new addy (clicking on the link will bring you to the new blog).

Father Nature's Corner will become my new blogging home starting November 4th. Cedar's Mountain will go on a semi-permanent hiatus as chairman emeritus, but will remain open, not only for people to peruse at their leisure, but for me to use as a vast library of blogging minutia.

Cedar's Mountain will be updated whenever I get a book published either the traditional way or the non-traditional way, as well as other possible odds and ends.

It is my sincere hope that not only for you continue following me but continue to read my various ramblings about my writing and the world around me at my brand new blog:

I will forever be your blogging/writing bud from Connecticut: G. B. Miller

P.S.: I realize that some people may still stop by either out of curiosity (I still have business cards with the Cedar Mountain addy) or because they've stepped away from the cyber world due to real world issues taking precedence, so I'll be making one more post on November 4th, with will basically be the picture that I use for the header of my new blog, along with the link and a short sentence stating where fresh content can be found. That will be, until further notice, the very last post for Cedar's Mountain.

The Legal Disclaimer

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