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The Warped Imagination Of G.B. Miller Presents...

Greetings & Salutations To One And All!

For those of you who may have stopped by due to a business card that you got from me or from clicking on the "next blog" button or from remembering a comment I might have made in passing to you, welcome to my 1st blog. Currently, I can be found at my semi-weekly blog, of which the link can be found directly to your right. And I can be found on Facebook as well.

Now that you've been thoroughly introduced to G. B. Miller the blogger, let me now introduce you to G.B. Miller the writer. I currently have two short stories and five books published. Of the books, four are self-pubbed and one was commercially published. So let us begin at the beginning.

Adult Fiction
Books By G. B. Miller
This was my first serious attempt at writing a novella and self-publishing it. When I decided to get serious about my writing in 2009, I thought it would be a great idea to share my adventures in not only writing this novella but self-publishing it as well. So I came up with a series of posts called, "G's Adventures? Now!" that covered the journey of "Betrayed!" from conception to publication. A grand total of five posts were written (I, II, III, IV, V), each having its own unique perspective of what it was like to write and self-publish through ASI. Granted, the down side of this adventure was publishing through ASI, and it can now serve as a precautionary tale on what not to do if you want to self publish.

This book is a great place to start if you're interested in checking out a new writer. While it might still be for sale at ASI as print or overpriced e-book, you can purchase it through me at cost and details can be found by clicking on the caption.

MA Paranormal/Fantasy
Books By G.B. Miller
By 2010, I decided to temporarily put aside my plans to self-publish and take a legitimate crack at being traditionally published. Super Bowl weekend 2010 brought the tiny seed that became my commercial debut, Line 21 (check out the book trailer for the short synopsis), which was published by the very good folks at Solstice Publishing. The book garnered some very decent reviews and ratings, which you can read here, as opposed to Amazon. Additionally, I again chronicled my journey with my book, from conception right through to the very end, details of which can found at the tag Line 21.

In the summer of 2014, we had a mutual parting of the ways (aka rights reversion) and once again I had control of my own publishing destiny. Even though it's no longer for sale on Amazon or at Solstice, I did pick up a few copies prior to the rights reversion, so you can purchase a collector's copy for a very reasonable price. Details can be found by clicking on the caption link.

Adult Fiction
In 2013, while I was toiling away on a few novellas (both of which are now ready for that 3rd and final stage of editing), I decide to self-publish a small short story trilogy, just so I could keep my name out there. I dug out three short stories that I felt were my best work, polished them up so that they would sparkle again (all three were previously published on my now closed short story blog), got a cover and went through Smashwords to publish as an e-book only release. This particular trilogy is also a good sampler on what I write. All three stories contain adult/mature themes and definitely isn't for the under 18 crowd:

1} The Right Thing: Tim is forced to work through the heartbreak of his childhood sweetheart dropping him for another as he roams a local town festival.

2} Singularly Married: Showcases how the love for another can be sadly misconstrued, misunderstood and mislead.

3} Friends With Benefits: Shows how two longtime bff's take their deep respect and love for one another to a place that no one can truly understand.

MA Paranormal/Fantasy
Smashwords & CreateSpace, B&N, Kobo, Amazon, Books by G.B. Miller
As I'd mentioned earlier, in the Summer of 2014, I received the rights back to my commercial debut from my ex-publisher. Normally it's a rarity in the publishing industry to get 2nd chance to make a better first impression, so when I got the rights back, I was determined to correct all the mistakes I made with the original release (book cover and major disconnect with the title). The first thing that I did was to hold a contest for a brand new title, which thanks to author Peter John I now have a title that connects better with the reader. The second, as you can plainly see, was to choose a cover that, unlike the first, would not get me into any kind of trouble (yes, I had issues with trying to do book signings under the old cover).

Once I had those items in the can, I had both versions (e-book and print) professionally formatted by Go Published, with both covers professionally done by Select-O-Grafix. The e-book version was released in October 2014 and the print version was released in December 2014. You can sample/preview the e-book at Smashwords, which showcases my chosen genre and subject matter.

MA Paranormal/Fantasy
Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, CreateSpace, Amazon, Books By G.B. Miller

Spring 2015 saw the release of my novella, A Taste Of Pain. This novella was roughly six years in the making, as it originally was conceived as a throwaway post called What If, on this very blog back in October 2009. Roughly several months later, while looking for a story idea, I remembered this particular post. Push came to shove and I soon had a viable first draft by the end of the 2010.

The next five years were spent performing multiple rounds of edits, multiple rounds with beta readers and multiple rounds of queries. Most importantly though, those five years were spent trying to come up with a viable name for it. For the longest time it was called "A Shadow Warriors Redemption", but a new title was thought up while driving around town, and thus it became what you see here today. Clicking on the link will bring you to the book blog, where you'll find a link for the long synopsis, as well as the short synopsis for the book.

(c) 2014-15 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.

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Brand Spanking New Post Up At Father Nature's Corner

A brand new blog post is now up at Father Nature's Corner for you to peruse at your leisure and I, G. B. Miller, invite you to take a minute or two out of your busy day to check it out.

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