Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yes, writing.

Another topic that I will be covering rather heavily in this blog, is writing and all the various components associated with it (publishing, agents, magazines, journals, etc.), as well as my personal experiences in pursuing this hobby/potential second career.

I don't consider myself a "professional" by any stretch of any one's vivid imagination, but I can turn a word on it's ear from time to time (good examples would be some of the more wild posts I made on Topix in the past year).

Note: the term "fodder for the future", means that this will be a topic I will cover later in more detail.

I got interested in writing rather late in my life, as I didn't start seriously doing it until Winter 2005. At that particular time, I was going through a rough patch in my life, so I decided to work out my issues by putting them down on paper. For whatever reason, the words came fast, came furious and came easily. So much so, that I had a 195 page manuscript completed by April 2006 (that's about five months for those who are mathematically challenged).

It was pretty good (or so I thought at the time), so being the overconfident individual that I am, I started submitting it in the summer of 2006. By the virtue of incredibly lucky break, I was able to hook up right off the bat with an agent, The Eaton Literary Agency (fodder for the future).

After spending gobs of money have a professional revision done (fodder for the future), by the spring of 2007, it was being submitted to other publishers. In the fall, unhappy with the glacier pace that things were moving, I detached myself from my agent (fodder for the future).

After suffering through a dozen rejections (fodder for the future), I decided to pursue the self-publishing option for my book (fodder for the future).

In a way, I hope to pass on what I've learned (and is currently learning) about the writing/publishing game to everyone. Consider this simply another friendly user guide.

First writing tip for the day: what you've just read, is what some people in the business would call "an outline". Basically a condensed version of whatever novel/story you are trying to sell. Also what most agents prefer that attached to your query letter when you're trying to successfully solicit their representation.

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