Monday, June 30, 2008

My God, It's Been A Month Already!

I surf a lot on the Internet, especially when I'm bored. When I was a motor-mouth on Topix, I used to surf the forums with great regularity, looking for interesting threads to post on. Eventually I had threads going in about dozen different states and quite a few forums.

Here it's no different. When the usual websites weren't doing it for me (Topix, Fox News, Fox Sports, etc.), I decided to surf the blog catalog that this blog is listed in (see link at the bottom of my profile).

I found quite of few interesting blogs, of which one, Fumbling with Fiction, is quite neat. The creator of it, Chandler Craig, is young person of endless enthusiasm and passion for what she does.

Anyways, she had made a post celebrating the fact that her blog has been around for one month. While reading it, I thought to myself, 'wait a minute, mine has been around for a month as well.'

So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Craig for giving me the idea to celebrate the one month anniversary of my blog. I also want to congratulate her again for making this far with her blog. It's a very good blog and I'm sure it'll (along with her) will go far. Please check it out.

Without further ado.......

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. New England is proud to present to you, the biggest motor-mouth that you'll ever find from CT....Me.

On Memorial Day weekend, after seriously considering a suggestion from GumbyTheCat for a few days, I started this blog. The original idea was to post my opinions on just two topics: my adventures in writing (contemporary romance, the dark side of relationships and getting published) and my adventures on Topix.

It has since been expanded to include my musings about work (state worker am I), my short stories (very dark and sexual) and my general observations about the real world.

Doing this blog has given me an outlet to offer my opinions on a variety of subjects, that chat rooms (especially Topix) cannot and will not give to me. I have been trashed, banned, suspended and abused on Topix, simply for voicing my opinion about people and things.

In essence, I can truly be myself on this blog, without worrying about who I might offend and what kind of retaliation would be performed on me.

I truly and deeply thank everyone who has visited this little blog of mine (which I won't make shine too brightly). Because sure as the fact that I'm a fat bald little man, I will never fail to entertain, enlighten or even occasionally make a point somewhere on this blog.

So, I would like to leave you with a verbal description of a favorite cartoon of mine. Picture a large vending machine with a picture of a boy and girl on it. The vending machine is called "Life", and it has various categories to choose from: Truth, Happiness, Honesty and Noisy Shiny Crap.

The "Noisy Shiny Crap" button has a 'sold out' sticker on it.

May your days be filled with Noisy Shiny Crap.


  1. Hey! Imagine my surprise when I saw your blog mentioning me! Too cool. I'm glad you've found Fumbling with Fiction and I hope to hear more from you. Happy Monthiversary--we can celebrate together!

  2. Absolutely!

    I'm always willing to comment on something that catches my interest, and your blog does just that.

    Congrats to you!

  3. Hey Georgie. Thanks for all the visits and comments.

    About the golf cart post, you can check out my edit for the video and a little explanation:).



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