Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Stifles The Process?

(Again, thanks to "micah" formerly of Manchester, CT for suggesting the topic)

Not being angry anymore has put a severe cramp in my writing process. In a sad way, being angry helped me a lot of unusual ways. Anger helped me focus on whatever the issue was at hand while writing. I really had clarity and lucidity while I was angry. And most importantly, I wrote while angry. My output was quite substantial in 2006 while I was angry. In 2007, nada. I was happy as a clam and things were starting to fall into place again. My completed output for 2007? One short G-rated family oriented type story, totally less than 1,600 words.

So for me, not being angry has stifled the writing process. Trying to find focus while in the current pleasant state of mind is like a football player who retires one year and then decides for the next year that they want to come back and play. It just isn't acceptable to me.

There are other things that stifles my writing process as well.

For instance, what I basically write are what I like to call, "real world romances". Basically, real life situations, real language and real settings. Most of this usually winds up drifting into R-rated territory (sex, violence, etc.). Because of the type of stuff that I write, I have unusual requirements, which lately I've had a hard time in getting to do. Like peace and quiet away from the family. Ain't nothing worse than trying to write a provocative scene with family around.

Work. You want to bring yourself to a screeching halt? Don't manage your work load properly and let every little thing play with your head.

Personal problems. Another good way to get writer's block is to let your personal problems become part of the equation. All you need is one little personal problem crop up and BAM!! you is done for.

There are many things that can stifle the writing process and I've experienced most of them with varying degrees of severity. Right the one that's wrecking havoc on my writing is first novel.

I'm currently in the process of self-publishing my first novel, and all of the thing associated with it is doing wonders for my writing, or my complete lack thereof. It's a continual learning process and I'm learning the hard way just how difficult it can be.

Between approving the various items needed and getting other things done associated with it, to getting a basic business plan up an running, my writing has suffered big time. Not only have I not worked on my second book, but right now I'm in the process of not fixing up the short story that the second novel is based on.

I got so much stuff on my plate right now, my writing has taken a back seat. It's a wonder I don't go off the deep end and just say, "F' it all!"

But I will persevere somehow. If anything, writing this blog has help me work through a few bouts of writer's block that seem to be plaguing me lately.

Wish me luck. You never know, I may come back and start spamming or picking fights in the chat rooms, just for fun and therapy.

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