Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Blinding Case Of The Obvious

I figure I would try to write a completely frivolous post today. I don't believe that I've done that at all in this blog (and I dare someone to prove me wrong), so I believe I'm long over due to make a post that has no point.

In order to pull this off successfully, I needed some motivation, specifically, the item you see here on the right. I figure how can anyone get angry while having Pooh bear staring you in the face?

The first item up for business is this question: What well known person (fictional or otherwise, live or checked into the maggot motel) would you use to describe you typical day?

For me, I can describe myself in about three different people:

1) Brad, from the movie Pulp Fiction; you know the person I'm talking about. The guy who gets blown away for trying to pull a fast one. Sad part is, he doesn't see it coming until the bullets are actually hitting. In simpler terms, one's day starts out crappy because you tried to do something stupid and you got caught. You then spend the rest of the day trying to talk your way out of it, but succeed in only digging a deeper hole for yourself. Before you know it, you done dug yourself your grave.
2) Steve Dallas, from the comic strip Bloom County; for those who have no idea who I'm talking about or who were born after 1986, this strip made Doonesbury look pointless and irrelevant (sort of like SNL today). In any event, Steve was the world's worst lawyer (0-92 at one point), a misogynist's misogynist, a self-absorbed cretin who would be Webster's first definition of the word loser. In simpler terms, one's day starts out good, but deteriorates the minute you open your mouth. You see it coming, but you still continue with that tunnel vision, politically incorrect outlook until the bitter end.
3) Winnie The Pooh; In simpler terms, a day in which nothing terrible really goes wrong, other than the equivalent of your head getting stuck in the honey pot. Days for me like that are very few indeed.

Second item up for grabs: relationships, both personal and non-personal.

Did you ever hit one of those down periods where you can't get both parts of your real world to properly coagulate? I seem to hit those every so often, where one part of my world (the personal aka the family) can't quite time itself with the other part (the non-personal aka friends). Like a spark plug misfiring or not timing the clutch with the accelerator, I just can't shake the feeling that something is amiss. Especially this week. Hmmm.....

Third item up for grabs: Speaking of "hmmmm.....", what are some of the things that make you go "hmmm...." in the first place?

One thing that made me go "hmmmm....." was the incident two Saturdays ago, when someone from my real world invaded my cyber world. I still haven't quite nailed down who it was that did the personal cyber invasion, but I have narrowed the list of suspects down to two. I may never find out who truly did it, but it made for interesting two or three days afterwards, trying to find out who it was.

Finally, the fourth item up for bid: an original dream sequence from my second novel. While I'm currently expanding my short story A Betrayal of Vows, I'm also slowly turning it into a novel called Betrayed. The background to this little clip is that Gwendolyn is taking a rather restless nap while her husband Jorge is driving to their honeymoon destination in Virginia.
She stepped out of the garden shower and directly into lavender scented towels that three barefoot servants were holding in the shape of a triangle. A fourth one came around with another lavender scented towel and began to pay dry Gwendolyn's body. As she was being dried off, a fifth stood at the ready with a candy apple red teddy for her to slip into. Now dried, Gwendolyn stepped into the teddy and waited while it was being laced up. As she was waiting, a gently breeze blew in from the south and began to lift up her luxurious locks, until it seemed that they were floating on a cushion of air.

Gwendolyn closed her eyes as the sensation of her hair gently flowing in the breeze began to overtake her. Her body began to feel like a melted chocolate bar as she lost all sense of consciousness. Opening her eyes, she found herself not in the garden, but in her bedroom. Or to be more precise, a heart shaped bed with satin covers. Next to her on the bed was Jorge, dressed in jeans and boots. Shirtless, he was showing off his muscular physique to Gwendolyn while lightly running his hands all over her body.

Being pushed to the outer limits of her sexuality, Gwendolyn was running her hands all over his chest as back as well. Together, they both were sensuously caressing the other, each preceding movement in sync with the following. She began to moan softly with a passion she never experienced before. The passion began to overwhelm her and while she unlaced her teddy, she said, "Take me my love, and bring me to the extreme height of my sexuality. I need to feel you from the inside. Please my darling."

Jorge approached closer and he leaned over to...


  1. oooh, cyber stalking. Just happened to a friend of mine. Kind of creepy!! (great writing, btw)

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Yours is spot on as well. Always like to hear from a real world school teacher every now and again.

    The cyber stalking really wasn't creepy. It just blindsided me, that's all. The person hasn't been back online since. And like I stated, I have a basic idea who it is, which is probably going to prevent them from returning again.

  3. Your post is far from frivolous today. I can partly answer one of your questions. I sometimes, in my day job, feel like Sylvester Stallone from Cop Land. He's a smart guy but a little slow and when he finally figures out whats going on all hell is breaking loose around him... Oh, and the original dream sequence is well done!

  4. Thanks for compliment.

    I got on a roll that particular day and the words just flowed out nice and easy.

    I forgot to add one other example of what kind of person you could describe you day:

    Kenny from South Park.

  5. Oh no! They always kill Kenny (those bastards!) I can completely relate to the lack of synch of worlds. It pretty much defines my very being. I agree with the commenter who said this was not a frivolous post!

  6. Well, it's frivolous to me. On days when I'm not posting, I usually can come up with a topic and develop a basic outline for it during the next day and a half.

    This time, I simply couldn't think of anything concrete to write about.

    Thus, the multiple choice post.


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