Monday, September 8, 2008

"Golden Texas Tea" (pg 5)

Walter began fading into the background as Azalea started tuning him out and tuning in to her own private oasis. 'Good God, he's heading back to Connecticut.' she thought wryly. 'He hasn't been back thee in over five years. Not since our very messy....' She left that last sentence hanging as the memory of the one week courtship brought a tear to her eye, a devilish smile to her lips and hot sensations to her mind.

Walter stopped speaking the minute he saw Azalea biting her lip and twisting herself into a pretzel. 'Haven't seen that happen in a long time.' Watching for a few minutes, he became hooked on her beautiful body again.

Not wanting to break the spell nor interrupt the moment, but since he really needed to finish preparing for his trip, he decided to enact his wolf call. Which he did in the only way he knew that would completely tick her off: with a referee's whistle.

Standing up so that he wouldn't get caught in the fallout, Walter blew his whistle. Startled, Azalea screamed, "What the fuck?" before clutching her ears and rolling off the bean bag cushion. She also hit her head on the bottom of the bedroom wall and knocked herself silly.

After spending a few minutes watching Azalea not coming around, Walter walked up to her and gently touched her face while whispering, "Hey sunshine, wakie wakie. I gotta finish prepping for my trip. Do you have any other questions for me?"

Knocking his hand away, she said sarcastically, "No, I don't have any other questions. But if I do, I'll be sure to let you know."

Azalea awoke the next morning the same time Walter did, so that she might see him off on his trip. After having an intimate breakfast together, Walter got up and headed towards the car, with Azalea following close behind. Giving each other one last kiss, Walter got into the car. Just before he took off for the airport, she said quietly, "Call me once you get settled in, so that you can tell me what the rest of your itinerary for the week will be."

"Will do."
Heading back inside, Azalea went to bed, with the main idea of getting a few more hours of sleep, since she got none last night. The lack of sleep last night was due to the multiple anxiety attacks suffered through the previous day, caused by the fact that she wouldn't be together with Walter for the first time in nearly three years.

Turning this rather insignificant problem over in her mind, it quickly turned into a major obsession. 'But how can I fix this issue?' she asked herself throughout the night as she tossed and turned.

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