Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Screen Shot

And here is the other half post, to make a total of two posts, which is my proper output for today.

While the original screenshot that I had gracing my blog was nice, it didn't really accurately reflect where I lived.

So, after coming back from vacation and getting my disposables developed, I had decided to use this particular shot. I did take some of my town during my weekend walk, but the day was pretty misty and the shots came out poorly.

This one was taken at a rest area along I-70 in Ohio. I thought the cornfield was quite nice as it captured the spirit of the area where I live in CT.

Hope you like. I got more in the queue, so I think that on a monthly basis, I'll start rotating the shots. Let me know what you think of them, as I'll keep the one that gets the most comments as my permanent screenshot. The original one does not count.


  1. It's beautiful! Im glad you put that out there about the original because if the shot was the one I saw last week, I did think it was a reflection of where you lived! (not that this version of ohio and connecticut arent just as beautiful but you get a mental picture, you know?) Still Im holding my vote until I see more....I love contests!

  2. The original screenshot was one of those default pictures that came pre-loaded into my computer. It was nice, but it wasn't really me.

    This corn field one is much better, as there are corn fields scattered all around CT. Plus the mountain was a bonus as well.

  3. Gorgeous! I like the mountains in the background.

  4. Thanks. Amazing what you can capture with a disposable when you take the time to do it.


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