Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reorganization Can Be Fun

Howdy do.

Spent the last couple of days in quiet contemplation on what kind of changes I could make to my blog without alienating my readership. You know, what I can add, what I can subtract, things like that.

I've already made one small change, and that was introducing a weekly rant called "Anger Management Issues". I want to thank Julie Gong as it was her blog that introduced me to the idea of a weekly rant, with her Friday rant called "Just Nonsense".

Since I like history (and who doesn't), I've also decided to add a bi-monthly feature on newspapers. No real title for it, other than being labeled "State Workers/Library", since it will deal with the early part of my state career working at the library. My thanks goes out to The Virtual Dime Museum, for giving me the basic outline to work with.

Another small change I'll be making has to do with the posting of my stories. While I love sharing my stories with everyone, I do have a finite number to share. To make them last as long as possible, starting this Wednesday they will be posted weekly, instead of tri-weekly. Today's will be the last on the current schedule.

Relaunching will take place this Monday, with an "Anger Management Issues" post, tentatively titled "Respect".

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