Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whadda Ya Mean I'm Not A People Person?

This week's edition of Anger Management was a real tough one to write, as I had no freakin'....

Whoops, almost forgot the disclaimer. Please imagine Jello Biafra reciting this

The disclaimer: If crappy language and mindless rantings offends your sensibilities, by all means, click on any of the topical links to the left and you'll find something to your liking. Otherwise, please fasten your safety belt.

...idea on what to write about. First I thought about complaining about the assholes who decide to make a left turn into a driveway that's about 20 feet past the traffic light and gum up the roadway in both directions, INSTEAD OF turning left at the light for the alternate entrance. Lots of drooling elderly who SHOULDN'T BE DRIVING have a tendency to do this. But this paragraph would have been the entire rant.

Up next was making about five attempts at writing a post called, "How to act like a Jackass". Basically, it was about picking a stupid fight with a very good friend over an inconsequential and snotty comment that I made. I also wanted to throw in something personal as well, but I didn't want to reveal that part of me to the public.

So out the door it went (insert guitar break from George Thorogood).

Then I got to thinking about the job eval I received yesterday at work (the title of this post explains it all). The condensed version:

1) I acted like an asshole to a few (okay, lots) of other staff members.
2) I acted like an asshole to other state agencies.
3) I acted like a super asshole to a few choice staff members.
4) I didn't play nice.
5) I got fed up and decompressed in my particularly peculiar fashion (note, punching file cabinets with witnesses can prove that you're slightly unbalanced).
6) Most importantly, I didn't suck up to the proper people.

And what was the lesson belatedly learned? That it still takes three years to prove that you're not an asshole anymore, and that while waiting for those three years to go on by, career advancement is about as sure of a thing as George Bush suddenly becoming a major contributor to MoveOn.org.

But.....I couldn't do a whole post on that either.

So......where do I go from here? I'm not really sure.

It's been a relatively rant free week. No one has really gotten on my nerves except me. And me getting on my nerves is about normal.

Since it's payweek, I should have something to really launch off about by next week. In the meantime, if I experience anything incredibly stupid, anal or downright annoying, I will try to construct something positive about it.

If the New York Mets do another collapse, you will see me go completely off the deep end.


  1. Good old G... lol.

    I think I saw the "inconsequential and snotty comment". Let me guess - at Koko's, to FC, about RH?

  2. Yup.

    It shouldn't have bothered me, but it did.

    I explained it all to her Sunday night and we're back on the same page. The only thing different is I scaled myself almost completely out of that thread. I still read it, but now I'm gonna refrain from commenting when I can.

    Dropping down to being e-mail buddies with her and a few others.

    Much more safer that way.

  3. oh buddy. Im sorry. Don't be positive on our accounts, you know. That sucks so bad about the job eval. Im not a people person either. I wish people would freakin' realize that already you know?

  4. Well, in my working world, the pitfalls are more dangerous and the outcome a bit more permanent.

    Sometimes, one has to get along, in order to go along.

  5. Oh lord, I know what you mean!! I think I will be a crazy cat lady by the time I turn 30!! *avoid the bastards* will be my mantra, and I will slowly become an anti-social nut case. *sigh* I hope it never comes to that.

    (I answered your question in another post...since the answer was turning into a small book in itself.)

  6. Wait til you have children, then you'll really become an anti-social nutcase.


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