Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spend One More Minute....With You?

The third and final post of this three part arc will cover dead end relationships, and whether you should keep using the paddles to resuscitate or whip out that large needle filled with strychnine and finish it off.

Since I'm (mostly) a happily married man, I'll try to answer this question from the perspective of someone who has both resurrected and killed off dead end relationships.

Admitting that you're in a dead end relationship is without a doubt, the hardest ting to do. No one wants to admit defeat in a particular aspect of their life. We always want to succeed in any endeavor that we choose to pursue.

I've had a few dead end relationships, in which not only did it hurt to admit that I failed, but it doubly hurt because I was partially at fault to begin with.

With one in particular, it became a dead ender through my unbalanced behavior during a rather particularly difficult period in my life. The end result of my behavior was that this person slowly and steadily cut me out her life, until it hit the point of contact being so infrequent today, that termination the friendship is really my only viable option.

With others that I had which were on life support, I was able to slowly and steadily resurrect them to the point where although they many not be 100% healthy, they are for the most part, viable and breathing.

I guess it all boils down to just how much you're willing to change your behavior in order to save the relationship. Sometimes, changing just a little is more than enough to resurrect a dead ender. On the other side of the equation, no matter what you change it won't be enough.

Sometimes, cutting your losses and moving on, is the best that you can hope for and the best that you can do.

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  1. Hey George-Especially loved the Microsoft blog as it is so typical. Did the book get released today? Sad to report that it looks like the "derogatory" thread has been cancelled. Why? and Who? Anyway, I tried to start a new one called "Derogatory Survivors" on the same Chicago Tribune forum. Hopefully we can all get back on there. I told Spud, Lucy and Janice about it. Can you get in touch with George? Hope to see you there.


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