Monday, January 26, 2009

"Life Is A Highway" (pt 2)

And so it begins.

The original idea for my second novel was to write a sequel to my first one Shades of Love, by bringing the two main couples, Wally Winslow/Azalea Gold and Jorge Powers/Dorathea Taylor, forward about five years to see how they were holding up.

Towards that end, I began writing a few stories to do just that. One of them, which everyone just got done reading, was called Golden Texas Tea (yeah I know, crappy title) and dealt with the toxicity of the first couple. The second one dealt with the walking disaster of the second couple, originally entitled Dorathea Squirrels (yeah I know, another 'classic' title).

Small problem soon developed though. When I got done with the both of them, I had a combined page count of about 60 pages written. Not even in the same hemisphere for a novel, but enough to make a few decent chapters, if I did some serious stretching out.

Being that I had no idea how to continue with this particular writing path, I put the stories in the flower pot and continued on my merry way. Now, taking into account that in 2006 my personal life was, quite frankly, in a state of constant turmoil, I was writing like a madman. I poured out enough hate/self abuse/self loathing into my writing to make whoever happened read my stuff, be more than just a little concerned about my mental health.

By August, while still in the tightly firm grip of a prolonged breakdown, I had two more stories written. While I was in process of writing story #4, I revisited the original idea I had for the second novel, and decided that it wasn't going to work out. I was quite deep into my comfort zone of writing 35-50 page stories and didn't think I would have the chops to be able to pull off another 190+ page novel.

By the time I had finished story #4, I was still trying to figure out what my next novel project should be. Around Labor day weekend, I was talking to a cousin about my first novel (unpublished at the time), and he suggested that I get a copyright for it (pluses and minuses to having an unpublished manuscript copyrighted) as protection.

So while I was working on filling out the paperwork to get that done and sent in, the idea of what my novel project should be popped into my head.
Project update: I have one story completely rewritten and retitled (Betrayed, formerly called A Betrayal of Vows), and I'm 24 pages into rewriting story #2, which after writing a very brief outline to get back on track with it, is tentatively titled E (this was the same story that I wrote mysel into a corner back in early 2007).


  1. SHADES OF LOVE was an enjoyable read and although a sequel would be nice, I think it stands alone quite nicely.

  2. Once a book is down in fixed form it's automatically copyrighted to you. At least that's how I understand it.

  3. David: Many thanks for your compliment. Coming from an established writer such as yourself, that really means a lot to me.

    Charles: That's how I thought I understood it too. But I decided to play it safe just the same. I did get a few solicitations from vanity presses. Some of those specialize in combing through unpublished manuscripts trying to find people to sucker into their scams.

    I do know that it cost me extra money and two best copies of my book, to update the copyright for it.

    I'm still learning the process as I go along.

  4. I love hearing about his process!

  5. Well, I'm gonna be more than happy to share it with everyone.

    I figure that if I'm gonna work on my second novel I might as well talk about it too.

    Motivation so to speak.

    Keep everyone up-to-date=actually writing the book.


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