Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Saturday" (pg 2)

After a minute or so, I got up, brushed the gravel from my jacket, picked a few pebbles from my face, straightened out my glasses and gingerly restarted my walk.
While I was walking up the street, I started on my normal weekend routine of giving my surroundings the third degree.
The trees were barren with their branches mostly devoid of any kind of life. Stretching to the sky, they cried out in pain, as if to say, "This cold weather is really gnawing at my bones and it hurts like hell."
As for the animals, well...what animals? The smarter ones either flew south to the warmer climates or went underground to hibernate. The stupider ones simply became road kill.

A this point, I was now in front of one of the residential group homes for most of the highly functioning mentally disabled people in this state.
Sometimes I see a few of them being escorted for a late morning/early afternoon stroll, or out on the driveway doing set shots on the b-ball court.
Today, they were indoors, staying happily warm and safe from the elements, while dolts like me were outside walking in the cold.
So, after coming to the sad realization that sometimes they are smarter than a fifth grader (or at the very least, smarter then me), I continued on my journey.

Both literally and figuratively, as once again I found myself on the ground, courtesy of one of the legendary ginormous potholes that dotted this particular section of the road.
As I brushed myself off, I was able to see that I would have a small problem in getting out of this pothole. Why? Because the top of the damn thing was eight feet away.
Surveying my surroundings, I was able to see that the walls were covered in roots and rocks, which wound up being just the thing I needed for what I wanted to do.
Spidering up the wall, within a span of a few minutes, I was poking my head out and checking for cars. Finding none, I pulled myself out of the hole, brushed the dirt off and replaced the orange barrel that I had apparently tripped over when I restarted my walk.

Stepping around the potholes, I soon found myself on an open stretch of roadway again. As I got to a large concrete barrier that blocked the road, my cell phone rang.
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