Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doo, Doo, Doo, Looking Out My Front Door

Or in this case, looking out my front window.

Spring time in New England is very special indeed. Whereas in other areas of this big ol' country the seasons tend to run into each other with no discernible break to speak of, in New England it's a bit different.

Because winter is so incredibly harsh, the changeover to spring isn't seamless. It's more like a-bad-delivery-boy-dropping-your-order-in-front-of-you-from-a-great-height-and-smashing-the-contents-within-then-standing-there-like-a-dolt-expecting-a-tip-for-his-crappy-service changeover.

So when Spring arrives in Connecticut, people go absolutely ga-ga for the warmer weather. And in my case, I'm no exception. Just to make some of you out there slightly jealous, the weather forecast today in my neck of the woods is: low 80's, sunny, breezy, with nary a cloud in sight. I plan on doing my part today by simply vegging out in the mountain and catching up on my writing.

In the meantime, here's a little taste of what I got to look forward to.

The sun is already cascading down the mountainside and peeking between the now (finally) budding tree branches, throwing out its sunbeams and making contact with the houses, lawns and the quiet street.

In my driveway I can see a few birds hopping along looking for food to eat. When I step out on the porch, I can feel the breeze tickling my head as it gently makes it way through the mountain and down the street. I can also hear other birds singing their morning wake up song. In my front yard, I just saw a bird fly by and land on the gnarly old tree that's been growing in the yard for the past 44 years of my life. When it's finally in bloom, it looks likes this:

Once I start off on my weekly walk to the center of town, I will be experiencing that wonderful country oasis of peaceful solitude, smack dab in the middle of the suburban wasteland.

Who knows? Maybe this weekend will be the weekend in which I get one of those disposables and create a travelogue entitled, "My Saturday Morning Walk".

In any event, please be the following: jealous of the fact that Spring is now here where I live, and horrified about the fact that I will be wearing shorts and showing off those skinny pale white legs of mine.


  1. Ahhh, spring and a young man's fancy. What a gorgeous time! And a gorgeous blooming tree you have.

    We saw Disney's "Earth" today and the most dramatic change of seasons on the whole planet is in Antarctica. Followed by New England! :)


  2. Thank you Miss Jannie.

    Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. I took a walk and with the disposable camera I purchased yesterday, I chronicled my journey around town.

    I should be getting it developed sometime this week and will be creating the mother of all posts with it in a couple of weeks.

  3. That's one of the beauties of New England, each season is so very distinct. Today gave a good hint of summer, though, that's for sure, especially after the long winter we had going on.

  4. I'm afraid I live in one of those areas where the seasons run together. We call it Sumsprfall

  5. Joanne: Very much so.

    Yesterday (Sunday) was absolutely gorgeous for another walk around town. My area really shuts down on a Sunday and yesterday was no exception.

    The aromas, sights and sounds were simply amazing.

    Charles: I've heard of a season called that from time to time. Must be really difficult to plan things properly.

    You know, BBQing in the fall, wearing shorts in the early spring, long shirts in the summer.


  6. Love the analogy of the bad delivery boy - a good visual for exactly what Spring is like there. :)

  7. I'm lucky enough to live in Colorado where spring is...different. A six inch snowstorm today, but we're supposed to hit 80 on Wednesday. You never get bored.

  8. I soooooo miss living in the Northeast sometimes... the first signs of spring after a long winter were always fun. I even miss winter! I guess "spring" arrived here a couple months ago (after our three whole weeks of "winter" :)). I miss autumn, too -- the trees here aren't nearly as colorful as the ones up north. But summer? We've got that one covered -- no chance of missing summer here... :)

  9. Lynn: Thanks. The bad delivery boy analogy can actually apply to all the seasons here.

    The change is so abrupt that sometimes the only way you can tell that it's a different season, is when there's a spike in people calling out (legitimaely) sick.

    Christine: Wow. Snowstorm today, then 80 on Wednesday. Sounds like what we had earlier this year. Mild temps in the hi 40's, then got socked with a serious snowstorm a couple of days later.

    Lisa: The only thing I like about winter is that it's easier for me to drive in. The snow forces me to pay attention to the road more, as opposed to the rain, where my mind would have a tendency to wander a bit.

    Of course, rain storms in the spring/summer are a good thing when you're simply sitting in your backyard or walking down the street.

  10. Bring on shorts-weather!!

    I'm actually kind of sad to be too warm nowadays. I love long-sleeved clothes.

  11. Sad to be too warm?

    Hmmm....I suppose that could be true if the temps hit triple digits.

    I look at this way: usually when I wear shorts and sneakers, for some really strange reason, I walk at a much faster clip.

    So for me, being too warm equals losing weight, which for me is a very good thing.

  12. I'm jealous! I feel like Denver is going to screw Spring and Summer all together and right into winter again. Sooo over snow!!!!

  13. way. We have had spring come 10 times in the last 4 months.

  14. That One Girl: A previous commenter said that as well about Denver.

    Connecticut is much the same way most of the time.

    Bearman: Got ya beat. We've been having screwy Spring-like weather since November.


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