Thursday, April 2, 2009

What I'd Do Wrong?

Happy Thursday everyone.

This is the first of special three post day.

It will be short one, and the topic is my blog, hence the title of the post. This morning, I was doing what I normally do when I go online: check my mail, surf a couple of sites and finally, check my blog.

After moderating a comment, I went to view my blog like I normally do, before I responded to the comment I left there. Imagine my surprise (not to mention my shock), when I found that my previously healthy subscriber count of 34, dropped all the way down to a life support 6.

To all my now former subscribers, I ask you this: What did I do wrong to make you unsubscribe to my blog? Was the content starting to get a little bit dry? Was I starting to explore tangents that weren't quite jiving with the original intent of this blog? Did I discontinue something that perhaps you were enjoying previously?

I truly do want to know what I can do to make you want to re-subscribe to my blog.

In any event, whether you choose to re-subscribe or not, I do enjoy and appreciate every single one of my readers who either read me on a daily/weekly basis or happen to search me out through one of the search engines.

Update 4/3: It seems that you guys were right about it being a glitch (I hope). My subscriber base just doubled up to 12. If it wasn't, then I truly thank everyone for resubscribing.
Update 4/4: It now seems that my subscriber list is back to normal, as I'm now up to 37.


  1. I read on another blog of this happening, and it's a problem with the blogger system, not with the actual subscribers, and should fix itself eventually?

  2. Well, you did do that one thing. You know. JK!

    6? This one says 21. I think blogger is going through some maintenance because my counts have been all weird too. Go technology. :)

  3. You know, that's been randomly happening to people. I think it's a glitch in the system, not you. Am I still a follower? I'll check, but I've had to re-follow several people.

  4. That sounds almost like it could be some kind of blogger glitch or something. Seems weird.

  5. Everyone: This is the first I've heard of a serious glitch like this.

    When I was in the chat rooms, I was more than used to that particular website (Topix) doing maintenance on a weekly basis, and things would get severely screwed up in the process.

    This one here, is particularly upsetting to me, because it took me quite a while to really build my blog up to where it is now.

    I'm hoping it will work itself out. I haven't seen anything sent out by Blogger yet (having just got on a few minutes ago), so I'm willing to accept (for now) what everyone is saying about it being a "glitch".

  6. I lost 80 subscribers overnight! Gotta love Feedburner! They have done it a few times recently!

  7. Really?

    That's an incredibly bad glitch to have.

    I don't think it matters much for people who have popular blogs and have over 1,000 subscribers (I follow a blog like that), but for people like you and I who have taken the time to build up our blog base through hard work, to have that happen can be infuriating to say the least.


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