Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summertime Sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzles

Warning: This post will be offensive to some people, since it will be heavily injected with a mixture testosterone, hormones, impure/unclean thoughts, crude language and downright juvenile behavior.

Several months ago, I wrote a post critiquing the various age groups that populated my job. Even though it was written with tongue semi-implanted firmly in cheek, I did really mean what I said at the time.

Summer 2009 has once again, brought a sense of drool to the land of steady habits (that's Connecticut for those who don't know our state's informal nickname), mostly in the form of good looking lasses, great looking thirty somethings and hot to trot cougars (tired cliche, I know).

The reason I bring this up is that starting with the time frame of my vacation (May 28th-June 1st), I've seen the female form in all of its beautiful exquisiteness. The young, the not-so-young and the sub-45's have conspired to play havoc with this tired guy's incredibly vivid imagination.

Dressing in all kinds of clothes, these incredible examples of the female form have been able to use their attributes at their absolute peak of freshness. Because of the current temps (mid to hi 70's), these wonderful ladies are simply dressed to kill.

Tank tops, spaghetti tops, or a combination of both plus jeans or shorts, have driven the average guy made with desire. Or, at the very least, got them to stare as the lady in question casually strolled on by, with her hair gently trailing in the breeze and her...well....hmmm....attributes moving in gentle rhythm as well.

Or perhaps, the lady in question is not wearing the aforementioned articles but instead is wearing a nice summer dress, with perhaps just a minimum of ornamentation. Maybe a small pair of hoops, or perhaps a nice pendant. Perhaps the hair is done up in braids or a ponytail, or maybe just laying there free and natural.

And maybe, just maybe, as she's strolling by a couple of the boys, she bats an eyelash and throws them a devilish smile. Perhaps she's hiding her eyes behind a pair of Wayfarers. Perhaps she has a nice tat that she's showing off in a nice way as well.

As she strolls out of view, perhaps to put a punctuation on the fact that they all can look but never, ever have, she applies a very small shake to the other part of her natural attribute that effectively leaves a path of devastated libidos and destroyed egos in its wake.

Yes, summer is a very good thing to experience, no matter where you are or who you are. For this tired guy, what he sees, usually becomes the basis to a lot of his writing, because to him, the following adage will always be applied in to his writing:

The female body will always be the weapon of choice.


  1. And let me tell you, it's gonna get worse.

    Today (6/7) was no exception.

  2. Makes you want to move south for the winter.

  3. I think that if I moved south for the winter, it would become much, much worse that it already is.

    I don't think I could handle that too well.

    Today was exceptionally bad.

  4. At least you admit what inspires you...

    The more I age, the more I hide under baggie-tent clothes... I don't want to use my ammo...

  5. I will always admit to what inspires me.

    The older I get, the more I respect the true nature of what inspires me.


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