Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunday At G's, pt 4

Part 3

Now that everyone has been thoroughly refreshed at the CVS, it's time to continue our Saturday morning journey. The first stop will be the post office. Funny thing about this branch is that its not really the town's branch, but is simply a sub-branch of Hartford, or so it says on the outside of the building. The post office here is a prime example of bad management practices as it pertains to the US government. And we know how a well-oiled machine the government is, now don't we. In all seriousness, I have made one or two good friends at this branch and was very sad to see them move on to other things (and not necessarily by choice either). Anyways, this is were I do most of my bill paying, since I don't like the current practice of having EFT's done to my checking account, so I buy money orders. I'm well known in that branch for buying money orders. How well known? As soon as I approach the counter, the clerk asks, "How many?"

This is a nice panoramic shot of walking down Lowery Place (where the post office is located). In the foreground is a nice vacant lot/open mini-field, that right now as of this post, has purple wildflowers in it. Just behind those two white trees, now green, is the local volunteer ambulance. And that bump rising up in the background is good old Cedar Mountain. And in front of those two little white bumps off to the left, is another field, which is featured in my short story "Saturday".

This is at the other main intersection as you come down the hill. This is looking north down Hawley Street. Not much to the shot, other than this is one of the streets I walk down on my return trip home. I walk in a relatively big circle on Saturdays. Actually more like a lollipop, in that about 99% of the time, I wind up back on the street I started on that was featured in Part 1.

I was really trying to get a good shot of my thumb, but that pesky plant/tree display got in the way. I wanted to show everyone a few examples of the kind of green thumbs that a good chunk of the residents have here in Newington. For what it's worth, this person kept their yard in immaculate condition during the spring, summer and fall.

I thought this was a especially funky looking tree, since it had a mixture of green and white in the leaves (now all green). I like this tree so much that for a while it was one of my blog screen shots (I think). As you can see, it was gloriously sunny day when I took these pictures, as well as very breezy and comfortable.

And finally, the other photo that became my blog screen shot for about a month or so. At this point, we're back on the street that we walked up in part 1. I thought this scene was especially inviting, with the blooms scattered along yard and driveway. I actually seriously considered shooting this for part 1, but it didn't look so good on the other side, so I decided to wait until I came back home.


  1. I grew up with a big empty lot not far away and my son and I did a lot of baseball playing down there.

  2. Another look into your world. Excellent photos and descriptions, G.

  3. You get some good shots. All lovely places to be. The trees are very pretty. Thanks for a bit of green today for me on this rainy day:)

  4. I found the tree with green and white to be intriguing, too.

    Spring is pretty awesome.

  5. A very nice and comfortable looking town.

  6. Oh, now I feel dumb, forgot about the moderation thing. I may or may not actually be FIRST! :)

    I well remember that last pic as your screen shot, yes.

    I wonder if the blossoming tree that was putting out the green leaves is a Bradford Pear? It look exact in shape as those we have here.

    A Money-Oder man, eh? I hope they're giving you a discount?? I can certainly relate to not wanting to do ACH's, I'm notoriously sloppy with keeping up with a checking account, yikes, so I shy away from those automatic debits. I'm too busy singing songs and flinging my bro to balance my account.

    What a great area of the world you have there, Georgie!

    Oh, I'll be in Maine next month! Yep. Too bad I wasn't going to be closer to you, we could meet for a soda.

  7. EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique. I googled and that is the first thing to come up.

  8. Charles: way back when in the seventies/early eighties, I used to go sledding down the mountain. Had some fantastic snow trails for sledding.

    Septemembermom: You're more than welcome for the bit of sunny greenery on a rain day (which we're getting whacked with up here).

    Lynn: Thanks. Still can't outmatch you and yours, but there's lots of fun in trying.:-]

    Pheromone girl: Thanks. We seem to have an abundancy of those types of trees scattered in my section of town.

    And yes, spring is pretty awesome.

    David: Thanks. It's one of those bedroom type of communities that people like to live in, to escape from the surrounding suburbs/city.

    Jannie: No you're not first.

    Yeah, money order man. It took me a long time to get used to getting scanned images from my bank, so there is no way I'm gonna let some business hang onto mine.

    As for the trip to Maine: glad you can make to New England and bummer you can't make down to me. I'm about a six to eight hour drive I-95, but I wouldn't wish that part of the highway on anyone. Maybe someday when you get closer or if I take a trip out your way (which I'm giving serious consideration to maybe next year) we can hook up.

    Bearman: Emotional Freedom Technique? I'm really afraid to ask about that one.

  9. It looks like a really lovely place!

  10. It really is, Mama Z, it really truly is.

    It is my slice of country oasis smack dab in the middle of suburbia.

    Newington is a major cut through for people to get to all points west from Hartford.

    If you think that these spring time shots are nifty, just wait until the winter time.

    Almost Norman Rockwellish.

  11. What a lovely photo essay. It's like I was walking along with you, G. Darn that pesky tree getting in the way of your thumb print! ;)

  12. Thanks.

    There is still one more to go that will appear sometime later this month.

    Yeah, that darn tree. I tell ya, trying to take a picture of your thumb is so gosh darn hard to do nowadays. :-0

  13. lovely pics, G - those streets are like airport runways to me!

  14. Thank you, young lady.

    Sometimes when I'm walking them, they do feel like their that long.


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