Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Thinking About Writing, Does That Count?

Time now for another leisurely writing update (like you haven't gotten enough of the writing related tangent that this blog has seamless swerved to. I promise, like a politician, to throw in a few non-writing posts for this month.). It's been pretty hectic since I last gave an update. Between trying to get my upcoming book ready and tackling things in the real world, my writing has been somewhat sporadic.

Nevertheless, this is an update post, so updating it will be. We will begin our update with the two major stories I've been working on for the summer.

1} A Lascivious Limbo: I have a little over forty-one pages written right now. However, I've been at the same spot (arriving at the airport) since early July. On the plus side, I have added thirty-one pages of new material to the story. On the other plus side, I really don't have a concrete deadline to get it done, beyond the year 2011. Which is mostly due to the fact that I got one other story already in the can.

2} Blackness In The White Sand: I've been working on this one a little bit more than the previous one, simply because I'm writing this one with pen and paper. I've averaging about one handwritten page per week, which when I transcribe to the 'puter, it comes out to about 1/2 to 3/4 of a page a week. I will say that by the end of the year, I'll give everyone a brief excerpt, so as to give you a basic idea of what I'm writing and what direction my writing is going to. Also by the end of the year, the prologue entitled "The Sand" will make its appearance at Flashing Georgie's Shorts.

3} Flashing Georgie's Shorts: After a whirlwind of writing about forty stories for the blog within the span of five months, our output has dropped considerably. I started a total of about five stories in the past month or so, but only have two completed, of which one will be a ten page short (mentioned previously here) that I will post over the course of ten weeks.

However, all is not lost. While my flash output has declined (temporarily), I have come up with the idea of doing more mini-story arcs. I've already got one going and near completion (Inner Sanctum) and got the makings of two more on deck. As you know, I like challenges, and this will be no exception. The challenge will be making the stories both unique and connecting at the same time.

And to help me along, I'm once again on the prowl for more inspiration. Got a few ideas so far, but more will be on the way.

Overall the short story blog has been going well, but I think for the upcoming year, I'm going to try and introduce longer stories (or serials if you prefer). It worked out well at this blog, so I want to give it a try there.

4} This blog: Is humming along quite well. I've been firing on all cylinders with my blog writing (go figure) and got about two weeks scheduled at any given time. As of late, most of my blog posts have been meticulously thought out enough for people to really sit up and take notice (yay!!!).

I think that covers all the main points that I wanted to cover about my writing. Everything else that I've been doing with it has mostly revolved around these four points. But I don't want everyone here to leave empty handed (you know I can't do that to my loyal readers, hanger on's and the wonderful drive-byers), so to make this a proper writing related post, I must throw in a query.

I'm looking to conclude my story arc called "The Inner Sanctum", so to that end, I am soliciting suggestions from you the reader, on how I should conclude it. The female lead was upset about something early on in the story and wanted to tell the male about it. What was the something that she was so upset about? Give it some thought and let me know. I'll be linking this post on my blogs so that you good people can leave me some ideas to work with.

And in case you need a small refresher, here are the stories in sequential order: #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5.


  1. Ok..I admit when I first read part one and saw

    "Your two big sisters say that the next time you want to show us your writings, don't" I took it as literal sisters not friends.

    Maybe it was foreshadowing as to why she was so uncomfortable. A separated at birth reveal.

  2. Her remark about "big sisters" in the first story throws me a bit.

  3. Bearman: Interesting take on the issue. I like that seperated at birth idea.

    Mama Z: Yes, that would probably throw a few people. The best I can explain it is that it's a term of endearment that would be used between platonic friends of the opposite sex.

    Usually when I write that little blurb on what it was that inspired me, it's based on some kind of personal event in my life.

  4. Well, a little thinking is necessary. as long as you don't overdo it! ;)

  5. David: It's both a blessing and a curse.

    If I'm not busy, I have a tendency to get into trouble (like at work) due to sheer boredom.

    If I'm busy, I have a tendency to get more short (I'm 5'7") with people.

    Charles: I always have a reminder in the back of my head.

    It's a Far Side cartoon which shows a student with a tiny little head who raises his hand and says, "May I be excused? My head is full."

  6. You must LOVE to write! You sound busy and happy. I would love to write too, but no in my household sees it as a worthwhile activity. Sad but true.

  7. LL Cool Joe: You make it sound so illicit. :-o

    Yeah, it was something that I always wanted to do, but until 2006, never really acted on it.

    Now, it's a intergral part of my life. I have two blogs that always need semi-fresh content and I settled down into a good routine of pounding out longer stories to sell to the masses.

    Plus, it's one of the few things I can do at work without getting into trouble.

  8. Joey: Your writing is excellent. Maybe its because you write in the middle of the night? Kind of like me.

    But I digress... I really like all of your blog writing, oh mighty Cedar Mountain. I look forward to more of the stories!

  9. Pheromone Girl: Why thank you oh lovely lady of the west coast.

    I will always strive to do my very best in bringing you the stories that you crave and desire to both of my blogs.

    And I agree with you about Joe's writing, his is really great.

  10. I had no idea you were so prolific - impressive. I got through grad school by studying and writing at work. You're blessed to have that avenue.

    I'm prolific only in my head: dreaming, fantasizing, pondering, etc.

  11. Pamela: Sometimes I'm prolific in my head as well.

    In all seriousness though, it's only been very recent (like this year), since I've been able to get myself properly focused on my writing.

    I wrote like a madman in 2006, then came to a screeching halt in 2007 (wrote only one story). Picked it up again in late spring 2009, when I decided to start a short story blog, and been writing both short stories and re-working the crappy (yes crappy) stories I originally wrote in 2006, so as to make them viable pieces to be proud of. I've learned alot in the past year and a half, and I want to apply it as much as possible.

  12. I'm just impressed with how prolific you are.

  13. Well, this all sounds so exciting! You're getting quite a bit accomplished, n the way you did this piece, I want to read it all!
    I think serials are a great idea-

    Now if I could have more reading time... it would help!

    I remember the tale in question, however can't think a a good secret yet... separated at birth not bad, How about: positive desease test results- ie: terminal?

  14. Lynn: Thanks.

    Usually when I put myself to something, the output is quite remarable.

    I always like to keep busy, and doing many things at once helps pass the time more pleasantly.

    Snaggletooth: Terminal disease sounds like a good idea too.

    I've always like the idea of serials, having done a couple here on this blog, so doing them over there became a no-brainer.

    I have at least two others in the work that I'll try to make serials out of as well. One is called The Chronicles of Valerie (haven't figured out what to do with her yet beyond turning her into a vampire/hunter), and the other will be based in the same vein as well, possible as renegade vampires/hunters. No title for that one yet.

  15. It's great to have different projects to sink your teeth into when the muse grows restless.

    After this week I'll have some time to properly read your stories and I look forward to it.

  16. Talon: I guess it's just the leftover hyperactivity from my childhood knocking at the door, telling me to hop to it.

    I actually have a method to my madness as I work on the longer stories on the weekend, and the the shorter ones during the week.


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