Friday, September 11, 2009

We Shall Never Forget

Picture was taken outside the US Civil War Museum, Harrisburg PA


  1. Long may she wave. Thanks for the photo G - I posted a flag today, too. A day we will always remember.

  2. Incredible colours. The sky looks amazing.

    I will never forget either.

  3. That was the most horrifying day I can remember. I lived in NYC during college and on trips after 9/11, it has been unnerving flying in and having part of the skyline missing.

  4. To everyone, thanks.

    Considering how sad of a day it was, coupled with the weather forecast for Connecticut (rainy and yech) I wanted to have something bright, but tasteful.

    I took this picture on a gloriously sunny day last year while on vacation.

    My story on that day was that I was inspecting microfilm when a newscast on the radio broke in to say that the first tower had erupted. I honestly thought it was some kind of radio drama.

    It only took about a minute later to realize that wasn't the case.

  5. Thanks for such a beautiful picture. :)Bea

  6. Standing on Canal Street and looking up to see that first plane fly straight into a building towering above me is a sight I will never forget

  7. Gorgeous picture!

    We will never forget.

  8. Nursemyra: the only thing I can say is "Holy cow!"

    Mama Z: thanks. We will always remember.

  9. What a gorgeous Patriotic pic!

    I was printing BarCode labels on a thermal printer (as good as post office work) when about ten minutes after some F-16's from next-door Otis AFB had shaken the building taking off, the radio suddenly announced two planes hit two towers of the WTC- I then interrupted my talking co-workers to loudly repeat that so they'd shut-up n listen-
    I'll never ignore the news again!

  10. Wow, magazine quality shot you snapped there, G!

    Nope, never to forget, for sure.

  11. Thanks.

    Amazing what you can do with a disposable camera.

  12. What a horrifying day that was:( Rarely have I been so shocked by the ferocity of terrorism:(

  13. You ain't kidding.

    Alot of things about still bother me to this very day.


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