Monday, October 5, 2009

Just A Little Teensy Weensy Bit More Info About Me

Once again, thanks to Joey's Pad for the idea of doing a top ten list of things that make me happy.


Since it seems that the tone/tenor of this blog has taken a turn towards a unexpected (by you the reader) sharpness that I usually keep well under wraps, I feel that I should rectify the situation toot sweet.

Today's post will be a bit of an upper as it is simply a post about me. Not as it applies to the blog world, or to the chat rooms, or even as it applies to writing, but as it applies to the real world.

I first saw this thingamajig Top Ten list on Joey's Pad about a week ago, and I thought it would be a great post idea to try. So after giving the prerequisite credit to the proper individual, here is my list of Ten Things That Make Me Happy.


1} Being able to walk and stand without losing my balance. I suffer from severe muscle weakness and neuropathy in my legs, thighs and hips. So any morning that I can crawl out of bed and actually stand without support or losing my balance is a very good thing. Ditto for walking.

2} Having a song that simply clicks. I love listening to most types of music, but when a particular song just clicks and sens my spirit off on a pleasant flight for those few minutes, that's the best feeling in the world.

3} When people "get" my strange sense of humor. My humor can be at times off the wall and a little cerebral, so when various people experience a collective epiphany and understand it, and most importantly, keep getting it weeks and months later, it's a good thing.

4} A word from a good friend. I have a few close friends who by nature of the organization we collectively work for (state government) have now disappeared to all corners of the state. Occasionally though, they'll drop me a line saying 'hi' or send me a meme, just to let me know that they're still thinking of me.

5} Peace and quiet in a noisy house. With the weather starting to change from summer to autumn, it's becoming increasingly difficult to get the peace and quiet I need in order to work on my writing (or blogging). But when the four other residents of this domicile are occupied at the same time, it makes me very happy.

6} I'm not blogging in a vacuum. Knowing that there are people out in the blog sphere who enjoy what I write to the point to being repeat visitors even at a year and a half later, still blows my mind.

7} Going out on my weekly walks about town, either by myself or with my daughter. Experiencing the simply joy of nature or experiencing the world through the eyes of a child, is something that makes me happy, simply because the memory will always stay with me.

8} Grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is my weekly me time. It lets me decompress and catch up with the person that is me. My private Idaho where no-one is allowed to enter.

9} Being able to write, whether it's a blog post or a short story.

10} Listening to the music I grew up with. Even though my dad has been gone for five years now, I can still connect with him, simply by listening to the music that he loved, which in turn he passed onto me.


  1. G: I knew you had hand problems but was not aware of your leg neuropathy. God bless you.

    I love your wacky sense of humor!

    I tried blogging in a vacuum but the wireless connection was touch and go there and man, was it dusty in that thing!


    And G: WHY do you use that small font whenst talking about you?? I thinks you need to make it even LARGER than normal to extol your G-ness. Go on! We all love ya and will know you're not bragging or anything!

  2. i can reelates to nummber 9 'cause my mostest big dreeme is to be a writter too. yoo think i haz potenshul?

  3. Nice list. I love No. 2 and can relate - music can be awesome. And the fact that it triggers fine memories of shared times is even more awesome.

    And people who get you? They are priceless!

    I hate grocery shopping. It's not the buying of food - I enjoy that part - it's the amount of times you handle items. Taking the things off the shelf, into the cart, onto the conveyor belt, into the bag, into the cart, into the trunk, into the house, out of the bag, onto the shelf...but that could be my bum hand talking - lol!

  4. Thanks for this extra glimpse of you. I think it is nice that you like to walk with your daughter. And I secretly like to grocery shop, too. :)

  5. Wonderful list of things G. They made me smile. Like scents some music can take me back to a moment in time, too. Your grocery shopping made me giggle because I remember my great grandfather telling me that he loved to do the grocery shopping. My great grandmother would also say that's because he flirts with the check out clerks and eats the freebies.
    Thanks for making my day, as usual. :)Bea

  6. I love that you love songs that click. That feeling is the BEST!

    Ummm, grocery shopping? Seriously?! Can you teach me how to enjoy it?

  7. Music is amazing, isn't it? For me, particularly with live music, witnessing the art being created adds to its beauty. It's a great source of connection, to emotion and memories.

  8. First off, a general comment: I honestly thought I was using the normal size font for this post. I think what happened was that I composed this one on the household computer and not my laptop, thus the smaller font. My apologies to eveyone.

    Now, on with the show:

    Jannie: My..G-ness? I am humbled by the fact that you bestow such a great honor onto me.

    Yeah, the neuropathy has actually been part and parcel of my body probably for the better part of 25 years or so. In the past year or so, it has gotten more pronounced and is the direct cause of my muscle weakness my lower extremities (and to the hands as well).

    Blue Bunny: Of courz I theenk youse gots potenthshal.

    Talon: Thanks.

    The one part I hate about grocery shopping now is actually taking the schtuff out of the carriage. Problems with gripping always make it an adventure.

    Yes, people who can get me are few and far between, so those that do, are indeed, extra priceless.

    Lynn: Thanks.

    I always enjoy sharing further glimpses of what makes me, me, with everyone.

    Bea: You are always more than welcome.

    One of the things I love to do while grocery shopping is people watch. Watching parents shop with their children as about as Norman Rockwell as you're gonna get in this day and age.

    T.1.G: It most certainly is. Almost nothing else can match it.

    As for grocery shopping, it's really simple.

    Basically say to your husband, "Dear, I need some down time so please watch the child while I go grocery shopping."

    Presto! Two hours of quality down time for yourself.

  9. Joanne: Most definitely.

    The memories I have of my father, while not quite scattered, do have a tendency to become sharply focused whenever I listen to the music he loved listening to.

  10. I don't have it as bad as you do but I've been suffering with the Neuropathy for a while now. It is really a pain, in more ways than one. I can walk, but typically experience some pain and muscle weakness, and I have a lot of tingling and cramping.

    I don't mind grocery shopping myself.

  11. What a great list!! I'm glad I inspired you enough to write the 10 points. I think this kind of thing can be quite revealing.

    Of course I agree with you about the music too. Being a dj allows me to send people off into that wonderful world you talk about. Reading a crowd and trying to judge what's going to touch their hearts isn't always easy, but great when you get it right.

    Thanks for the mention too. :)

  12. Thinking of a song that will click for you. How about...

    Here we come...walking down the street.
    It's the funniest love song to everyone we meet.

    Now try getting it OUT of your head.

  13. Charles: Can definitely relate to all those fun filled items. Walking is an adventure, but I try to do it every weekend, no matter how much pain I'm in.

    Joey: You're more than welcome for the mention. I give credit where credit is due.

    Being able to get a good read (or any kind of read for that matter) on a crowd and being able to touch them (ever so briefly) is indeed a rare talent to have.

    Music is the salvation to whatever ails you during the day. No matter what, it can bring you to places you never thought possible.

    Bear: For the longest time I had major problems with the song "Puff, The Magic Dragon".

    The Monkees aren't a problem.

    However, if you want a funky song by the Monkees, give a listen to "Goin' Down".

  14. Thanks for sharing, G. Cerebral and strange humor is the best, and the grocery store time is "me" time, too. Although the other customers do piss me off sometimes. Ideal me time would be just me shopping...

  15. R.K.: You're more than welcome.

    I love grocery shopping. I also put up with a lot more people while grocery shopping than I would anywhere else.

    I have a notoriously short fuse about things, but I seem to keep it under control while I'm grocery shopping.

  16. #3 is one of the greatest gifts in life!

  17. I doubt if I could ever get to enjoy grocery shopping :-(

  18. Mama Z: While #3 is a very good thing I'm partial towards #6.

    Nurse Myra: It's funny, but I really do enjoy it. I've been doing the grocery shopping for our household since 1994, and it has been the one thing that I don't share with anyone unless I'm forced to (which is about six times a year or so).

  19. Yay! excellent list.
    well, it was
    until you got to number 8 -
    are you bloomin' mad?!?!!?

  20. What?

    I actually love to go grocery shopping.

    It's really the only way (besides walking) I can get some true peace and quiet.

    I certainly don't do it because I love to spend money every week.

  21. Wow, I feel like I know ya so much bedda now!
    The walks with the kids are the best I think too-

  22. Why thank you young lady.

    I tell ya, it's getting tougher and tougher to squeeze any more new information out of this gray mush of mine about myself.

    I think that I just about covered it all.


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