Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shooting Suburbia 2: October~December '09


The next installment of Shooting Suburbia features more of my hometown, with a couple of shots thrown in from work. The majority of these where shot durning the dog days of autumn, when the temps were hitting the mid-50's as late as Thanksgiving weekend.

Note: If you have problems accessing the link, by all means, please let me know, and I'll feature the feed where Shooting Suburbia 1 is now hanging ten at.


Shooting Suburbia 2


  1. Now if there were just some zombies in the scenes it would be perfect!

  2. Happy New Year George. How nice to see your family in the photos. Your kids looks pretty close in age. And, hey, HI HOLLY what a little sweetie she is. Nice to see fall colors. Frankly, right about now I would love to see any color except white, brown and gray. I'll adjust but it sure was nice on vacation. GREEN and BLUE and WARM, sigh......... :)Bea

  3. Charles: I tell ya, I felt like a zombie taking those pictures. I think I was on autopilot in another dimension for the most part.

    Bea: Welcome back!

    Thanks, it was a pretty decent fall in New England. I think I got a good eclectic mix of pics this time.

    Jus wait for the winter ones I took. I'm gonna try to weave a super flash fiction story out of them.

  4. Thanks. I do try to make sure that I don't get my thumb in the way of the lense (unlike my header up there).

    I do have a fun with my disposable though.

  5. Only one thumb shot ;)

    Holly is a cutie! And your area looks lovely. I, too, thought those were some funky flower colors - lol!

  6. Very nice way to learn about your hometown. Love Holly's picture. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I should explain about Holly. Holly was a cat my mother originally picked up at the local human society here. At the time (two years ago) I already had a cat (became de-facto owner when my mother lost interest and I was the one who fed him), so I really wasn't interested in Holly. However, because I fed the cats, I became the de-facto owner (or rather, a guardian) of another cat. My first cat unfortunately passed away about this time last year, so thus, I am now an owner of a singularly dinstinctive cat.

    Talon: Only one? darn, I was trying my best to get a large collection of thumbs. :D

    I thought those flowers were really funky as well, which was the main reason why I wanted the shot in the first place.

    Kelly: Thanks, and you're more than welcome.

    I should also mention that my cat enjoys waking me up by sitting on my chest and purring in my face at five o'clock every morning.

  8. Hey - I like that G! And Holly looks only a tad camera-shy. :) Cedars Mountain is beautiful - what a gift of a view for your walk home.

  9. Thanks.

    In the spring and summer, it's simply magical. It really does something to me that is really indescribable at times.

    And prior to the town/developer cleaning up that blockaded portion that you see in the last photos, the area in between really was something to experience.

    I don't think Holly is too camera shy other than she wasn't really in the mood that particular moment to have her photo taken.

  10. someone left their recycling bin out.

  11. Sometimes people can be the most laziest creatures.

  12. Human Society? I hope you mean Humane Society :-)

    Lovely photos

  13. Thanks.

    Yes, I meant Humane Society. Sometimes the brain doesn't work too well in our old age. :D

  14. Sometimes though, it's a lot of fun. :D


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