Saturday, April 24, 2010

Diatribe About The Hazards Of Being A Pedestrian

Warning: Due to the nature of how extremely upset I am this morning, today's post may not be suitable for anyone who gets easily offended. My advance apologies to those I might offend.

What the hell were you thinking of this morning while you were driving?!! Was your destination so important to get to that paying attention to your immediate surroundings was non-essential to your overall well being??!!

Did you noticed that YOUR LIGHT was a SOLID RED, and thus according to STATE LAW you have to come to a COMPLETE STOP BEFORE MAKING A RIGHT TURN ON RED???!!!!

Apparently not, you useless piece of human excrement. I had the right of way in the crosswalk because I had THE CROSSWALK LIGHT IN MY FAVOR, which means you needed to halt your sorry pathetic little ass and WAIT FOR ME TO FINISH CROSSING BEFORE MAKING A RIGHT ON RED!.

But no, you simply had to blow through that red light so that you could make damn sure that I FELT THE BREEZE FROM YOUR SIDE MIRROR THAT PASSED JUST MERE INCHES FROM MY FACE.

Trust me, you are so damn lucky that I was momentarily stunned from what just happened because if I wasn't, I would've chased after your sorry ass until I got close enough to take your license plate with my camera before pulling you out your f'n vehicle and kicking your weaselly little ass from here to the police station.

Anyways, I hope that the fact that you saw an incredibly upset fat guy waving his arms at you which caused you to actually tap your brakes for a couple seconds, somehow put a damper on your day.

I sincerely hope that someday, you can experience the joy of almost getting hit by a car/truck, so that you can see for yourself just how your own horrible driving skills puts other people's lives at risk. Not only other pedestrians, but the unfortunate souls that share your DNA.


  1. You're not offending anyone - this driver is offending us by being behind the wheel. I am always on guard when walking anywhere - I got hit by a car in high school when I was walking with a walk signal in the bloody crosswalk! This is a touchy subject for me and I think there should be much stricter license revoking laws for these motherfuckers. I would be really upset, too.

  2. I was incredibly pissed about this afterwards. It took me about thirty minutes to calm down enough to actually eat the bagel and coffee that I bought at D&D today.

    This was without a doubt, one of the closest calls I've ever had while either walking around town or walking in a parking lot.

  3. How horrible, G! I'm sorry you had to experience that! It is so wrong for drivers to ignore pedestrians. And, sadly, the pedestrians are the ones who pay the price when the drivers are lunatics. I'm just glad you are okay.

  4. Every part of your rant was understandable except what is D&D?? hahah

  5. Very scary, very. It makes you wonder what in the world is so important to these kinds of drivers, that they are in such a rush? Or do they just not give a rip about people crossing the road? I'm so glad you were a tad slow in crossing and are still here with us. :)Bea

  6. Talon: I normally go through near misses about every weekend (even wrote a post about it last summer), but this was above and beyond the normal lunacy I typically go through.

    The truly scary part of all this is the fact that I am blind in my left eye and have no peripheral so I never saw this jackass coming.

    Bearman: D&D can be Dungeons and Dragons or it can be Dunkin' Donuts. This case, Dunkin' Donuts.

    Bea: I am damn lucky that I was slow in crossing. For whatever reason that God had, he made me hesitate in starting my walk for a just split second.

  7. The same thing happened last month to a girl I know, only the driver actually hit her and then proceeded to take off.

    She's now in debt, not only can she not work, she has to pay the medical bills and therapy for something that wasn't even her fault...

  8. B: Man, that really bites. I hope things to work out for her in the long run.

    David: This kind of crap seems to happen to me just in my hometown. I do a little bit of walking in the city where I work, and you would think with all the cars that zip along the city streets I would have this problem, but I don't.

  9. People are so rude these days. Nobody has a shred of courtesy of other people anymore. People like that really piss me off. People suck! How are you otherwise?

  10. Snow, I'm so glad to see you.

    Overall I'm doing okay. Kept me a crappy mood for most of the weekend, and for part of Monday as well.

    The scary part of this is that I never saw them coming. I'm blind in my left eye, so naturally, they came from my left, where I couldn't see them until it was almost too late.

  11. Stupid sh*t was probably making sure you didn't spit on his tire. Grrrr people are getting more and more oblivious behind the wheel to anyone or anything but themselves. You must tell where your header is, I need to photograph it hehe. Very cool.

  12. Hey young lady, long time no see. I have to start leaving comments at yours. Been lurking like a madman at yours but been forgetting to leave comments.


    Oblivious is right. If I'd run after him after he briefly stopped, I would've used my disposable camera to get his license plate.


    The header was taken outside the the Civil War Museum, Harrisburg PA., during my one and only real vacation between 2000 and 2010.

    Fantastic museum situated in the outskirts (of sorts) of the city limits. You can spend an entire day in there and still not see everything that there is to see.

  13. hehe s'okay George, I do the same thing. Only thing I don't like about WordPress is the interaction with Blogger and That leaving a comment is like applying for a loan at a bank.(not that bad on yours but have to remember to copy my blog addy before visiting at least so I can paste after commenting) Well don't know if we'll get down that way but if we ever can sounds cool. Love that history stuff! Looking forward to getting down to your neck of the woods soon. Need a Tim Horton's run!

  14. The one problem I have with WordPress is that if I happen to do something radically different with my computer (like install new anti-viral software) it wipes out my pre-loaded comment form.

    It's not a problem if I have to do it with one blog, but since I have several WordPress blogs I follow with regularity, it becomes a pain in the butt.

    Yeah, I love the Civil War. My dad used to give slide show presentations on it when I was a kid and throughout my lifetime. Had a couple of friends suggest it to me for something to do while I was driving out to Indiana.


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