Monday, April 5, 2010

Excuse Me, Is This Scene Taken?

Yup, it's me. Enjoy it while you can folks, because unless you know where to look, this is about as current as you're gonna get for a photo of me. I'm not a big fan of having my picture taken, and there are exactly two more of them posted on the World Wide Web.
Anyways, this post isn't about my beautiful, yet ancient mug. No sir, this is about a book. Specifically, my latest work in progress entitled "Line 21". For the past two plus months, I've been steadily chipping away at this bad boy every single day, either after work M-F, or all day Saturday and Sunday. Right now I'm in the home stretch, because as of this post, I have exactly one scene left to write, and the first draft of the book is finis.
However, the scene in question is where I'm having a bit of a problem. The conclusion of the book takes place in a restaurant. To refresh your memory, the main character in this story has until Friday night to come up with a $2,000 payment to her loan shark. The payment is to be made at a restaurant.
Here is the problem: I don't know what kind cuisine to have nor do I know what the characters should be eating. I'm never very good at coming up with dinner in my stories, just breakfast and lunch. But I did come up with a possible solution to the issue. If you're part of my Facebook circle, then you've already faced this question on Friday. For those who are not, then I have a proposition/contest for you.
I'm soliciting ideas on what I kind of meal I should write. I already got a bunch of them from Facebook, and now I'm looking for a few from my blog. From now until the end of the week (because I do have a few readers that have relatively busy lives and thus don't get to me until later in the week), I will be collecting your dinner ideas. Specifically, your favorite eats.
There is potential value to the prize, in the form of me using your dinner idea and writing you into the final scene, either as a member of the waitstaff, or as a customer, your choice. If you don't want me to write you into the scene, that's fine as well, because there are always other ways for me to acknowledge your contribution to my story.
Also, as an added bonus, I'll put a link up to your blog for one calendar month on my front page, specifically, right below the Followers widget.
So put on your thinking caps and give me your best foodie idea, and who knows, you and your idea just might wind up in the conclusion of my book, "Line 21". I will announce the winner a week from today.
Good luck to one and all.


  1. Old fashion diner. You can't beat them. Greasy hamburgers with thick slices of cheese, melted and dripping over the sides. Chocolate shakes made with real ice cream, too thick for a straw.French fries, thick and hot and coffee cups with handles that you can actually get your hand and fingers around.
    Dinner plates that always seem warm from the quick turn around from the dishwasher.
    If you are going to be handing over money it will ease the pain, receiving money it will add to the joy. :)Bea

  2. How about a Chinese restaurant? Chinatowns have a tendency to be dark and grotty, perfect to inspire feelings of danger, exotic tastes, secrets, and decadence.

  3. If I was facing a not so friendly loan shark, I wouldn't want to eat. So I would probably meet at a diner, such as Waffle House, and order something to fiddle with - like soup. I could imagine swirling a spoon around in the soup and not really eating it.

  4. G, most of the best "restaurant" scenes take place in Italians. Pasta a plenty and red wine. Perfecto! Good luck, mate.

  5. General comment: I should mention that the loan shark is her uncle, and that he gave her five days to raise the money, thus the main plot of the story.

    With that being said, off we go...

    Bea: Excellent suggestion! We have one of those here in Newington, an authentic 50's style diner. Will keep that in mind.

    S.R.: Cool! I can already picture a wicked throwback to the Mad magazines of the 60's with this kind of restaurant.

    Lynn: Interesting. That sounds intriguing. I think that we have the equivalent up here with IHOP. Kind of suburbanish.

    David: That seems to be the prevailing sentiment in my Facebook circle, lots of Italian cuisine. Sort of that Godfather/Goodfellas kind of menacing. Thanks for the wishes.

  6. What about a Mexican restaurant? Spicy, hot, messy food. I could see the main character debating about whether to go for a food that may make her already nervous stomach more jumpy. There could be Georgia O'Keeffe prints hanging on the walls. Remember those skull/desert landscapes of hers? Could be suggestive imagery to underline the tension of the plot. Good luck G!

  7. Kelly: Excellent! I love Mexican. Great idea about the Georgia O'Keefe as well.

  8. Sushi, definitely. Specifically tomago and avocado rolls with lots of ginger and wasabe.

  9. Sushi...sounds interesting...would be a challenge to incorporate, but I'm always up for a challenge....thanks for the suggestion.


  10. I immediately thought of some sort of truck stop / diner type of place.

  11. I'm going to go for the Chinese resturant - as I have just literally come back from one. So - I'd also like to recommend the menu;
    Roast pork
    Beef in chilli black bean sauce
    crispy duck
    sweet and sour chicken balls
    chilli beef sticks
    special fried rice
    chicken noodles and vegetables

    Imagine what fun you can have with the lazy Susan and the fortune cookies?? Gotta be the one!

    Ps - I had Easter choccy for my pud at home:)

  12. Mama Z: a truck stop/diner can sound pretty interesting, although nowadays their cuisine can match up with most decent restaurants. Thanks.

    Jane: I love Chinese, although being a diabetic, it never agrees with me. Excellent sounding menu though.

  13. When we go out, I like me some Italian. That's so stereotypically mobbish, though. I'll say they should be eating spicy Thai. Good luck, regardless!

  14. Lana: Spicy Thai...definitely sounds different. A new kind of mobbish, Asian insteadn of Italian.


  15. It's been quite awhile since I ate out with the kids- but it was at the new LongHorn SteakHouse. Kinda pricy meat n taters food- Good Rib-eye-
    but what impressed me most besides the lovely red decs n cattle-horns n saddles upon the walls-

    Was feeling so embarrassed for the waitstaff, because they had a manager loudly clapping, round them up around a table to sing Happy Birthday to an unsuspecting cake victim!
    Because of this, we waited longer for our plates to get served...

    (I was a restuarant manager once- at fast food)

  16. I know the 99 restaurant chain does that whenever someone has a birthday.

    Definitely a good way to embarrass someone.

    And I will also enter you into the contest as well...

  17. Quiche?

    No!! Coney dog and fries.

    She wants pie?

  18. Quiche?

    Quiche Lorraine?

    Egads! The pie is I!


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