Monday, May 17, 2010

Where's G?

On May 16th @ 6:30p the unthinkable happened.

My Internet crashed and burned.

After 3 hours worth of phone calls today to AT&T, I should be up and running sometime tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

Until then, hang tight and keep having a spectacular week, because you know that the world does indeed revolve around you.

Tonights post is brought to you by the Newington Public Library, where if you need anything like yesterday, chances are that they'll have it.

Like a computer with Internet access.


  1. That sucks. Hope it doesn't cost you too much to get running again.

  2. Ouch!! Hope you'll be up and running very soon! Or should I say your internet!

  3. Sitting back watching the world go round and round as it revolves around me.

  4. Buena suerte! Let me know if the e-mail I sent yesterday surfaces.

  5. Thank you, Newington Public Library!

  6. Only 3 hours of phone calling? Not bad ;)

    Hope it all gets restored as painlessly as possible.

    YOU have a spectacular week, too, G!

  7. Oh that would be the worst. Good thing for the library - but hope you are up and running soon.

  8. Hope you get that all straightened out soon. I hate to be without the net.

  9. General comment.

    While the internet on the household computer has been fixed (modem was replaced), my wireless has not.

    While typing this comment out on the household computer, I just noticed that light for the wireless isn't on.

    This really does suck.

  10. General comment take two.

    Now my wireless is back up. Had to make one last phone call to the techie and hopefully when I shut down later, the fix will stick, otherwise I'll be manually loading up 'til the day I die.

    David: No dollars where exchanged, only my sanity was lost for a little while.

    Joe: it crashed at the worst possible moment, as I was catching up on some blog reading and decompressing after my daughter's recital:

    Bearman: It's the only way to experience life. :D

    R.K.: It did, thanks.

    Mama Z: :D

    Talon: Thanks.

    Lynn: thanks.

    Charles: It was the most painful experience i've ever gone through. two days without the 'net. shudders

  11. Well, it's good to have you back.

  12. It's great to be back.

    I don't think I can handle this kind of Internet withdrawal anymore.

    Too much stress and worry about people thinking I was m.i.a. or worse.

  13. Nothing sucks more than that feeling of crash out once addicted!
    I hope you used the time wisely!

  14. Snaggle: If you call playing "Spider Solitaire" using you time wisely, then yes I did. :D

    In all seriousness though, it forced me to start work on another story. I had a story that I was having problems trying to write, and this forced me to actually start writing it.


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