Sunday, June 6, 2010

Twinkletoes Ted (5)

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the final installment of "Twinkletoes Ted".

Unfortunately, I ran out of gas while writing this, so only the first pic actually applies to the story. The remaining pics are a brief sample of what I hope to turn into nifty posts of mini-travelogues, each about five to six pictures in length.

These travelogues will show the world of Cedar Mountain and of Cedar's Mountain as seen through my eyes.

Be very very afraid.


Life is don't take it seriously.


  1. Ok, first of all I saw your Live Traffic Feed and thought that was cool so I put one on my blog. For a little bit until I get bored with it. Holly is such a pretty cat. Your daughter is beautiful and what a lovely smile. Her eyes light up when she smiles, but you knew that. I have messy places in my house, too. Somehow I get used to seeing them and they don't bother me. I, too, have a bird that WILL NOT DIE. 12 years ago a German exchange student living with us gave it to me as a going away gift. I really wanted a cuckoo clock. Now, I have this cockatiel, Ollie, named after said exchange student who is going to outlive me, I think. I feel your pain. :)Bea

  2. Cute pics! Your daughter is adorable.

  3. Bea: I had a cockatiel that simply would not die. It came with us when I moved to East Hartford and it managed to survive living in a drafty mobile home for about several years. It finally passed away at the ripe old age of 15

    As for the live feeds, I got all three of my blogs listed in Blog Catalog, so I figure the best way I can pick up a few extra readers here and there is give the a little tease here via the banners.

    R.K.: Thanks. I actually got quite a few pics of my daughter in the coming months to show everyone.

  4. Hello Georgie. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Anyone who has had a dog knows how horrible it is when this day comes. Unlike many of our relatives, the dog lives with us 24/7. Goes so many places with us, and many of the plans me make are because of them. Because there are good places to take them. Their personalities fill our lives. I was right there with him to the very end so that gives me some comfort. But ultimately this is a lousy, lousy day. Take care. I hope everyone is well. J-M

  5. Snow: You're more than welcome. It's quite heartbreaking to have to put a beloved member of the family down (had that happen a few times in our household), especially one that brought so much joy to you and your family.

    Just keep thinking of the good times and the memories, for those are what you'll always keep in your heart about your beloved Maxie.

  6. I came in life to appreciate pets.
    When our grumpy old fart of a cat had a stroke it didn't bother me a bit to haul him to the vet for the big ride.
    But he was from the pound and probably had some kind of psychological issues.
    Polallie (Seigfried) we got as a kitten, full of attitude he was, I liked him. Put a lot of money into repairing his busted head and other injuries due to his adventuresome nature.
    He disappeared while we were on a trip and is now a legend.
    Wrote about him on my site, see "Draincat" if your interested.
    His sister, being of more rational disposition, is still around.

  7. Lane: Pets can be fun. My current cat Holly, my mother got from the Humane Society, and as what is usually the custom, feeding of the animal fell to me.

    Thus, I became a cat owner.

    I do like animals, so I have no problems in dealing with dogs or cats.

  8. Thanks for your advice Georgie. There are enough great memories of Maxie to last a very long time. He came from a shelter and he had a good life in our home.

    Mr. Savant, your post made me smile on what is a very dark day. The big ride, I like that one.

  9. Snow, you're more than welcome for the advice.

    Hope you start to feel better in the coming days and weeks.

  10. Ya kow, every time I hear "twinkletoes" I get this cartoon character visual in my head, (like in the old "Tom n Jerry") of the toes moving the immobile body forward with a "twink, twink, twink" sound effect...

    I'll miss this series- been very amusing!

  11. Thanks.

    Like I said, it was very challenging trying to write a fictional story to pictures.

    I think that from this point forward, I'll stick to non-fiction writing for my travelogues.

    Because sometimes, the real world can be just as bizarre as the fictional world.

  12. You're more than welcome. :D


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