Friday, July 30, 2010


This week, I felt pretty much like this very large tower of blown glass (pic taken at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, 2008. it actually stretches to more floors than what you see). Basically, a disorganized jumble of schtuff sticking out every which way with no apparent rhyme or reason to whatever it was I was doing.

Take for instance, Monday and Wednesday's posts. Normally, I keep my personal opinions about the stuff that you'd read out of my blog. Why? Because even though I often come off witty, lively and just a little bit flaky most of the time, there are times where I really shoot from the lip and use a shotgun-at-close-range approach whenever I get riled. Or have an out of whack blood sugar.

Yes, I said out of whack blood sugar.

People act very strangely when a lifelong medical ailment decides to kick in and say, "Yo! Start acting your age and not your shoe size!" In my case, when mine kicks in (usually when my fasting sugars in the morning start at anything over 200), two things happen: I get the male equivalent of menopause (you have my permission to laugh out loud); and my notoriously short fuse, which 99% of the time I keep well under wraps and well under control, blows.

Badly. Horribly. Terribly.

At home, no problem as the family knows when to leave me alone until I get back to my abnormal lovable self. Work, different story.

However, the good news is that those two posts weren't the end result of a temporarily messed up lifestyle health-wise. Nope. those two posts were the end result of having a plethora of buttons pushed just one too many times in both the Cyber World and the Real World.

It's been a very long time since I got fed up enough with the latest and greatest of stupid that drives this big blue marble of ours, but Monday's & Wednesday's (especially Wednesday) was the end result of getting fed up.

As they say, sometimes when you twist that rubber band one extra time, it snaps and can leave a shiny red welt on a particularly sensitive part of the body.


As all good things must come to an end, whether the ending makes sense or not, the ending of the post is upon us. The beginning started out with so much promise (like this good short story here) but as we got to the end, we wound up like this: It was a dark and stormy night.

Tune in tomorrow and Sunday over at Shooting Suburbia, because what I got coming for ya's on Monday & Wednesday & Friday, you'll need that post to remind you that I really do have a sense of humor.


  1. Well, Georgie I know you have a sense of humor and I understand totally the need to rant a little. I would guess that most if not all of the people that read your blog understand. They, we come back because 99% of the time your posts make us smile, laugh out loud, blush,and think about things. If we aren't on the same page as your rants we understand because we have had our own, from time to time, about other buttons pushed.
    So, just keep posting for us, ok?

  2. There's always something that will touch a raw nerve in all of us. Most of the time we manage to bite our lips and say nothing, and then someone says one extra thing that makes it impossible not to react.

    We've all been there, and if you can't have a rant on your blog, where can you?

    Love the blown glass, now that's my kinda thing!

  3. Sometimes a rant is very therapeutic. No particuarly reason you shouldn't have one once in a while.

  4. What's this? G is human??? ;)

    I didn't laugh at the male menopause remark because men do go through menopause. Which they should considering the name -- MEN-o-pause -- though apparently it's not as severe as for the WOMEN-o-pause.

    Sometimes we have to blow off a little steam and hope we don't spill it over any innocent bystanders. :)

  5. You are so funny! That pic must be a Dale Chihuly piece, no? He's famous for making glass concoctions that look like noodles.

    If your posts were rants, you were very well-behaved. Can't say the same for some of your commenters.

  6. Bea: I will always be posting something, even if its Sienfeldian in its content.

    I'm glad that I do get such eclectic set of visitors to my blog.

    I do rant from time to time, even done some non-stop under the breath ranting at work that leaves my co-workers peeking into my cube with curiousity, but overall I try not to let it bleed too much into the blog. Not so much as the content as the topical source of the content usually prevents me from ranting.

    Joe: So very, very true.

    I don't mind ranting on my blog, but past practices have made me gun shy with my rants. By saying "gun shy", I mean taking a more a shotgun approach to my rants, as opposed to a narrowly focused sniper shot.

    Ah yes, the blow glass. This think is actually one of two items that greets you when you enter the museum. Thing is incredibly huge. I took a couple of shots of the tower and a couple of the base. I should post the base just so that you can get an idea on the size of it.

    Charles: My rants are quite often therapeutic. It's the collateral damage that always has me worried.

    Talon: I know, scary isn't it?

    Anyways, whenever I do get that version, I really try to isolate myself until it passes, because more often than not, I do get myself into quite a bit a trouble because of it.

    And yes, you always gotta be careful about collateral damage along the way.

    R: You should've seen some of my rants from late '08 thru early '09 on this blog. I think you'd be impressed with them (got one linked up at the bottom of the blog). I used to be really bad in the chat rooms.

    My rants are for the most part, well behaved, simply because I find its easier to focus on something than it is to just loose one's grip completely.

    You could be right about the artist. What I do remember about this sculpture was the wonderful hands on explanation that accompanied it as well.

    Like I said to Joe, this thing is really huge.

  7. "Out of whack blood sugar" is a good title for a flash piece.

  8. If anyone has a sense of humor it's you, G. And I like the fact that you use your blog as an outlet. Trust me, when your blog is known for being funny all the time, it gets tough to write when you aren't feeling it.

    Looking forward to next week!


  9. David: or YouTube short.

    Seriously though, "out of whack blood sugar" was used by the infamous Dan White out in California.

    Bschooled: Thanks.

    I actually envy people like you. To have a humor blog and to keep it perpetually in humor is a talent that very few people have nowadays.

    Trust me, I will always use my blog as an outlet for all kinds of things, both good and bad. After all, life is made up with the good and the bad (and the butt ugly as well), so it makes the perfect cannon fodder for a blog.

  10. Hey, we all have our moments. Congratulations...You're human. ;)

  11. Lana: Oh no! No that! Anything but that!


  12. I can't remember that artist's name, but he does really neat glass art. I would NOT want to dust that thing, however.

  13. Can't argue that point. But it is really something to see in person.

  14. I get fed up with folks evety day- but try not to rant non-stop on bloggy cause I need to cheer up n not get so negative...
    N I don't need bad blood sugar- I get POd alot!

  15. I usually don't do rants on my blog. I did when I first started writing the blog, but started tailing off in mid-2009.

    Now I do one about three or four months, and usually if I finally get fed up with something.


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