Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flora, Fauna And Aminals (1)

Yes indeedie doodie, it's time for another fun filled installment of Shooting Suburbia featuring your ever popular, ever effervescent host, Bobby Bummer!

Today Bobby Bummer has secretly replaced good intelligent captioning with captioning that goes off on random tangents that have almost nothing to do with the picture in question.

Behold, bemused, be mystified and finally be bored to tears as you view part 1 of Flora, Fauna & Aminals.


  1. Great pics! Dozens of medals - wow. I can't even stand up on ice skates.

  2. You should all the ones she got for dancing.

    Right now, were trying to get her to drop ice skating and concentrate on dancing.

    Dancing is something she's very passionate about, and it's something to which you can earn scholarships and make a career out of.

    Ice skating, you cannot.


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