Friday, July 2, 2010

Spider Goulash? Joy!

I thought I would do a random tangent today, partially because I haven't done one in a very long time (about a year I think), and partially because I couldn't come up with anything solid I could write a full length post about*.

*I weenied out. The post that was supposed to be here originally was what Monday's post was all about. However, I chose to take the advice of one of my cherished blog readers, Joanne, by putting it on the back burner for a while. I haven't nuked it, just stuck a new future date on it.

Besides, you know you secretly like it when I string random nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, bad punctuation, bad grammar, badly applied words and a overall general lack of cohesiveness and stick-to-your-ribs goodness to create something that really hurts the eyes.

Like encountering a happy peppy person on a bright sunshiny day the minute you wake up from an all night party of binge drinking, it will be just that bad.

1} Title disconnect. The title disconnect is still as bad as ever, as the title up above can attest to. I strung two of my favorite pop culture phrases together and I leave it up to you good people to figure out where I pulled it from.

2} Blog. In the past month or so, I've picked up five new followers (top row started from the left), each of which have a fascinating blog that is worth checking out. A couple of them I found to be so fascinating that I added them to my blog roll. In all honesty though, I have no idea as to why my blog got picked, except maybe that those people are simply looking to expand their network, which is a cool thing. The more the merrier, eh?

3} Facebook. As some of you are aware, I am on Facebook. While Facebook is a decent social network, the lack of security features makes it wickedly vulnerable to hack attacks, phish attacks and virus attacks. Every once in a while, I'll get a few warnings that people have posted saying basically don't accept X, Y or Z as a friend because this person is looking to steal personal info or infect your computer.

If you're like me, you don't go friending every single John, Ashley or Madison that happens to make a friend request of you. Just because someone who you don't know makes a friend request doesn't mean you should blindly accept it. If you blindly accept, then you deserve to have your computer taken away to be cleansed and disinfected. Oh, and you deserve to have your head stuck into a toilet for being such a Homer. Unflushed.

Boggles my mind that some people who probably are super careful with their personal info in the real world, act like a little toddler who got a shiny new present on Christmas day on Facebook.


4} Blogs (again). This time we're covering the writing aspect. The writing as of late has been stuck in the Mojave as no amount of pushing, pulling, cajoling, swearing or the threat of mental violence has been able to get it out of the Mojave and into the Andes Mountains (look, it's my post, so I don't have to be geographically smarter than a fifth grader, just a second grader).

However, the mechanic has come up with a baked-at-450-degrees-for-45-minutes-until-crispy-idea on how to get the muse unstuck from the Mojave. Stay tuned for further details as we create them.

5} Facebook (again). No rant this time, just want to show you how brain rot can make you one, post dopey things and two, post witty things with no thought of the consequences.

Posting a dopey status update: From Monday 6/28, "STI-CKY! And I don't mean in a-blowin'-your-load-after-frenetically-pounding-your-partner kind of way... "

Got no response from anyone on that

Posting a witty comment: Also from Monday 6/28, "When I get e-mails like that, due to my normal analytically toxic attitude when it come to dealing with stupid in all of its hideous forms, I usually pass it off to my supervisor...that way, she can mouth off without getting into trouble.."

Someone liked that

We have now come to the beginning portion of the ending, so in the words of that great African explorer, Captain Spaulding:

"I come to say that I must be going."


  1. You may have just comvinced me to avoid Facebook. I was going to get an account started to promote ROUND ONE but I may simply pass now.

  2. I've gotten quite a few weird friend requests on FB from perfect strangers. I ignore these.

  3. When I used blogger way back when I don't remember having "followers"... that must've been added later. People seem to take it very seriously. I'm kinda glad I'm not involved in all that.

    As for Facebook, I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know... or haven't met in real life.

  4. Ashley or know about Ashley Madison, right?

  5. David: It is a good useful tool to promote a book, music, whatever kind of creative endeavor you're pursuing/doing. I'm just showing you how it flows a little bit on the personal side.

    There are a myriad of businesses related to writing (authors, publishers, and stores to name a few) that do take full advantage of it.

    Also, there is a entire seperate link/section on the main page if you want to set up a page for a celebrity, band or business.

    I'm just saying that whatever social medium you choose to use (Facebook or MySpace), just do it with eyes open and treat it like you would do your writing.

    Charles: I've gotten both wierd friend requests and friend requests from people who are friends of my friend twice removed. Usually I'll send them a quicky message to find out where they know me from. The wierd ones vanish within twenty-four hours, and when the others answer, I politely tell them I'm not interested in expanding my circle.

    Extra Ordinary Me: I take it a little seriously, but not to the point of stressing out if someone vacates the premises. Usually if someone deletes me, it's because they deleted their blog. No blog, no follower.

    As for Facebook, I feel much the same way. While I do have a good mix of people from the real world, from the blog world and from the chat rooms, they are people that I've known anywhere from four to seven years. I'm happy with what I got and I wouldn't change it for anything.

    R.K.: Absolutely.

    Funkiest website out there if you're into that Friends with Benefits scenario.

    Should I be worried that you were the only one to pick up on that?


  6. Well, maybe I will still consider it.

  7. I love that line from Captain Spaulding. :)

    Facebook makes me crazy. One of my niece's friends posts about her every move. Just for giggles I just checked and she just posted, "...cannot believe how nice it is outside." TMI all the time. I usually just hit that "like" button.

  8. David: Glad to hear of it. It's just the matter of treating it like an extension of yourself. You control who knows what about you, so control your Facebook page the same way.

    Lynn: I never really saw the movie in question, but I have the song on an out of print novelty collection put out by Dr. Demento.

    As for Facebook, very rarely do I post mundane stuff about myself. Most of my status updates, which are about one every one to three days, are usually like the first example, just not that extreme. The second one was a comment I made on a friend's update (I won't tell you how many times a day she posts because it would blow you away), which is what I usually do on FB to begin with.

  9. I'm not on Facebook, and never will be. It's just too like the superficial conversations I avoid in real life. I have no time or interest in it at all.

  10. Joey: After being on for almost a year, I would basically agree with your statement, which is why I purged and modified that circle of mine.

    I do enjoy FB, if only to keep in touch with the people I've grown to like and who live in other parts of the country.

    Beyond that, I don't do much of anything else with it. At the most, I'm on for about ten minutes a day, longer on weekends (it becomes my background noise while I'm writing).

  11. I cancelled my personal profile on FB years ago due to security issues. I've since built a FB business page instead. My actions are limited (I can't add friends & such,) but NO security issues yet (& it's been a while now.)

  12. A large group of us migrated from the chat rooms to FB, simply because we were tired of being obssessively trolled without anyone doing anything about it. And when we tried, we got penalized.

    So far, I haven't had any problems either. I've picked up a boatload of tips from friends on how to make mine as private as humanly possible, so for the most part I've had a good experience with FB.

    So far.

  13. I still won't do facebook cause I won't give my name/age! Don't trust Big Bro at all...

    Can't believe you reminded me of Groucho Marx!
    "I really should ignore 'er-
    Hooray, hooray, hooray!..."
    Been decades since I saw "Go West Young Man"!

  14. With Facebook, you don't necessarily have to give your real name. I have a friend or two in my circle who use pseudonyms for names, and I'm sure you can create a fictious birthdate and age as well.

    I love contradictory phrases, so when I first heard that song, I thought it was the funniest thing ever.


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