Friday, October 8, 2010

Vendredi, Oktober 8th, MMX

Being that I'm still out of sorts this week, I haven't spent the time in constructing a heckuva lot of posts in advance. Sort of came 3/4 circle I guess, in that I started my blog by writing day of, and now down to writing day before. Anywho, I couldn't think of anything meaty or constructive to write about, mostly because I'm still in a writing mode as opposed to a blogging mode.


This leaves us with a very troubling and highly disturbing issue. Mainly, a blank space to fill up and nothing of significant social importance to write about.

Oh yeah sure, I could write about the audacity of looking for pair of kitty handcuffs and not finding anything in the land of plenty. Or I could ramble on about ramblin' on, or about the hi infidelity that seems to be the norm among the working class stiffs that work hard for the money.

But no, that would be simply looking for a cheap thrill, a cheap trick, trolling for cheap entertainment and smoking cheap cigars while looking for a drugstore cowboy. But after finding that drugstore cowboy, I really need to stop at that car dealership that said, "No Money Down." so that I can be bad, nationwide, while looking for Jesus in Chicago because I can't find him in New Orleans.

I also couldn't find my wife for two or three years because I'm a happily married man. Why am I a happily married man? A very good question that deserves an answer, but after crying 96 tears and creating a veritable teardrop falls, I made good my escape to California to watch the levee break. Of course, that was a long, long time ago, but I can still remember how that music made me smile.

And I knew if I had my chance, I would be flying down highway with my best friend Sue and a ape named Ape, because you know damned well that I can't drive 55 while stuck in a three lock box. But I wasn't lonely in my box because I had a Mexican radio that was playing such good music that I was clapping for the Wolfman while listening.

Finally, to make a long story somewhat short because my baby loves love with parenthesis which I answer with a question mark, there is point to this seemingly mindless rant that sprang from the mind of a motorcycle cop:

It is a well know fact that I never do anything the easy way, and this post is no exception. I originally wrote this post as an off the cuff short story, but about halfway through, it turned into something so diabolical that it actually has put me in a good mood heading into the holiday weekend.

My friends, this story is a quiz to test your musical and comedy knowledge. This story contains at least 24 known references to music/comedy acts and at least two references to songs that I don't know the artist of.

Your assignment if you choose to accept it, is to identify at least one third of the acts listed. No award to speak of if you succeed....although if you can identify one artist in particular, I will write a post about your blog (if you have one) a week from today.

One more thing: Cheap Trick is the only given that you will get to start with.


  1. Ha! Very clever. I am really bad at identifying things of this nature so I'll leave it to the rest of your readers.

    ps is it a holiday weekend? what holiday?

  2. - OK - Cheap Trick. :)
    - And Hi Infidelity is an REO Speedwagon album title.
    - I believe that reference to kitty handcuffs was part of a Steve Martin comedy routine.
    - Clap for the Wolfman. A song by The Guess Who.
    - I can't drive 55 - Sammy Hagar, of course.

    Back to work. :)

  3. Jesus just left Chicago and he's bound for New Orleans. But I'm guessing he got mugged somewhere in between.

  4. My hair hurts. I busy muttering about space ships and UFOs. I've been out in the sun to long, I can't think. Can I take the test next class? :)Bea

  5. Extra O: Thanks. Sometimes I go off on these random tangents and I use quite a bit pop culture & musical nonsense to liven up the post.

    It is the Columbus Day holiday weekend.


    1) Is a given.
    2) Yes, it is.
    3) Yes, from "A Wild And Crazy Guy".
    4) I'm very impressed. I didn't think that anyone would guess "The Guess Who" on that.
    5) One of my favorite driving songs. :D

    Charles: Sad to say you're probably right.

    Bea: Yes, you may be excused for the day. You earned it. :D

  6. OK I suck. The only one I came up with is Led Zeppelin.

  7. R: See what happens when you don't listen to anything beyond classic rock radio? :D

    Seriously though, what makes this tough is that I grew up on all kinds of poppy schlocky rok from the 70's & 80's and a lot of these bands & artists were in their prime when I was between your two brother's ages.

    What makes this extremely sad is not one thing in this story dates past 1985, save the hidden gem that's in this story, which dates from last year.

    I give you props for coming up with Led Zeppelin though, just like I gave props to Lynn for coming up with the Guess Who.

  8. Your post reminds me of Bob Dylan's 115th dream.

  9. David: Thanks.

    I actually like writing these kind of tangents. I've listened to such a wide variety of music over the preceeding decades that I have a ton o'fun working lyrics into a story.


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