Friday, November 19, 2010

I Woo You With My Wit

I am, by virture of an unnaturally dull upbringing, a very funny guy. Problem is that I show my original funny on a too infrequent basis on Cedar's Mountain. The reasons as to why could probably fill up a 4 x 8 post-it note, but eventually all merge into one basic reason as to why: its tough to be funny when you have to feed yourself straight lines.

Growing up, I was always at my funniest and my wittiest whenever I had people feeding me straight lines. Whether it was a friend saying something completely innocuous or even a short t.v. commercial or song, I did my best work playing off ready made material.

As I got older, I managed to fine tune my wit by simply playing off whatever someone happened to say (someday I will get someone to mic me at work as an experiment), and by the time I started blogging, I simply played off whatever I happened to read.

Problem with that particular scenario was that while I was able to have loads of fun playing off whatever I happened to read, it became a problem in trying to transplant that same witty repartee to my blog.

Basically, it fell flatter than Nancy Pelosi's ego after election day.

I mean, I had my moments of brilliance, especially with posts where I was having an argument with myself or cutting myself down to size. But those moments became few and far between.

So I started looking elsewhere to ply my trade. That elsewhere became for the majority of the time, other people's blogs. There were the rare instances where I would do this kind of thing in my comment section, but for the most part I was content to show my full repartee in other places.

However, just like with the other aspects of life that require it, chemistry and comfort were the two key components that were needed to make it work elsewhere. Without those two, I might as well been banging my head against the keyboard until I got keyboard face.

However, i wasn't able to ply my trade on any old blog. In order to ply my trade on a blog, both the content and the person had to match up to the exacting standards I set for myself. Unlike the exacting standards I apply for writing, the exacting standards for inflicting myself on others involved a great deal of sensitivity on my part. Whereas I didn't really mind if my writing offended someone, it bothered me a great deal if I personally offended someone with my sense of humor.

I truly love all the blogs that I read, but for the majority, the content and the person is what keeps me grounded in reality. What I mean by content is that for the most part what the bloggers in question write on their blogs makes for great reads but not very good straight lines or topics. Ditto for the bloggers. A lot of the bloggers I read are fantastic people who probably have a wicked sense of humor, but so far, I really haven't been able to determine just how far one can go with playing off of what they post or say without crossing that line.

Where does that leave yours truly? Well, for yours truly there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to find a few blogs in which I was able to ply my trade, simply because those bloggers shared my warped sense of humor.

Translation: If you want to see how truly inspired I can get with my witty repartee, check out my frequently left comments at the following blogs.

1} Riot Kitty: The creme de la creme of what I can do is often found at this extremely warped and incredibly funny blog that showcases life in the Pacific Northwest

2} Razored Zen: Quite often, I can get a decent amount of zingers off on what Charles writes for posts and sometimes what is left for comments.

3} The Education of a Pulp Writer: David sometimes writes his posts with such deadpan humor (reminds me of Mad from the 60's thru the early 70's) that they simply beg to have a deadpan remark left behind.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the first blog that I originally unleashed my vast reportoire of silliness on, and of which I still make an appearance from time to time:

4} Jannie Funster.

For everyone else, I will forever play nice and be respectful to what you post on your blog, because you know that your particular blog always brightens my day. However, if you ever want to experience the real me, all you have to do is grant me permission to flex my linguistic skills in your comment section.



  1. How come you aren't so witty on my blog..haha j/k.

    I always said I was terrible telling jokes but I can play off anyone and be situationally funny.

  2. It's good to have places to share a laugh, a particular sense of humor and just generally enjoy yourself without the humor being misinterpreted.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, G.

  3. I always like it when you come by my blog - you can be silly or not. :) It's all good.

  4. I think you have a valid point, in sort of classifying the blogs to suit different purposes. It's interesting how we really do get to know people virtually, and are able to do this.

  5. Humor is harder tow rite than most people figure. I try to make most of my posts funny but that is not to say I always succeed.

  6. Warped and funny! I am flattered! And I love your funny comments on the blog of course :)

  7. Bearman: I'm much the same way. Horrible at telling jokes, but great at situational funniness.

    Well, at your blog, its a just a tiny bit tough to be funny. You have the kind of wit that one never quite knows how to approach. You must be fantastic to play poker with.

    But I will try my best to nut up.

    Talon: It's always a pleasant adventure looking for a blog that you can feel comfortable in being funn and/or witty on.

    All the blogs that I read have varying degrees of humor that I do enjoy tuning my sense of humor into on a daily basis.

    Joanne: Absolutely. Over the years I've gotten to know dozens upon dozens of bloggers and each one was witty and funny in their own special way, and quite often throught that humor, you can learn quite a few things about that particular individual.

    Lynn: Gracias. :D

    I enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis. So much so that I have a tendency to wait until I come home in the evening to make a comment because usually I'm up and functioning at the same time you are, and I find that its far better to be relaxed for commenting as opposed to being wound up first thing in the morning.

    Travis: I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. I salute people who can do it on a consistent basis because I sure can't. My humor can be often be pointed and sarcastic at times, so I do try be very careful in what I post. Sometimes what I think is funny quite often wouldn't be funny to others.

    R: I have personally found that most people in your age bracket are simply wound way too tight, so when I find someone with my particular sense of humor, I do my very best to make and stay friends with that individual.

    And you are more than welcome. I calls them likes I sees them.

  8. You have my full permission to crack wise in my blog comments. Just take a look at the nonsense written by the good fellows "Warped Mind of Ron" and "WIGSF3" and you'll see that we have a whole mutual banter thing going. Those are some of my favourite mutual commenting relationships.

  9. S.R.: Gracias.

    It usually takes me a while to not only to find a particular rhythm for a blog, but to get a feel for what I can and can't say on it as well.

    Sometimes you can discover and acquire the most fascinating relationships through blog comments.

  10. you are always welcome to indulge your wit, wisdom and snappy repartess in my parts.

    And I can assure you...RK is as warped and twisted in person, though I think she may even be normal compared to her partner in crime, Mr. RK who has a wry, warped, twisted sense of humor that makes the rest of us look normal

  11. Darth: Gracias.

    Define normal. Personally, if one didn't have a warped sense of humor to get through the day, life would be like a Stepford Wife.

    I do enjoy your blog and I've been working on getting a feel for what kind of schtuff I can/could say on it.

    The testing should be over soon and I will be more than happy to flex those brain cells of mine.

  12. So what you're saying is that you are witty and good looking? Are you perhaps rich too? Are you aware of the concept of "delusions?" I could prescribe something for that. ;)~

  13. Always glad when you come by for a visit but dude! Take the shoes off and relax be yourself!

  14. Charles: Why sure. For a fat bald guy, I'm remarkably good looking.

    Funny, my co-workers often use that particular phrase whenever I tell them I'm just an innocent bystander.

    Then I have to modify it by saying, "Well, maybe not so innocent, but a bystander just the same." :D

    Jeanne: I enjoy stopping by your blog as much as I enjoy chatting with you on FB.

    Sometimes it takes me forever and a day to just relax and be myself around other people.

  15. Looks like I have to run over to these blogs to see your another place where your wit is in action!

  16. Kelly: It'll be kind of hit or miss. Depending on the topic is when I'll be incredibly witty or mildly witty.

  17. Just want to say That sometimes I'm spurred from depression to utter silliness by some of the bloggers you mentioned here-

    N for some reason, I give away alot more self-Info in comments too!

  18. Snaggle: Thanks. I know that for some of the bloggers I mentioned they managed to lift me up a little bit as well whenver I stop by to visit.

    And some bloggers do have that effect on you (as well as me) don't they? :D


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