Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Partial To Yours

I got to writing a blog post during my down time at work the other day, but about two pages in, it got to be so funky that I said to myself that there was no way I was gonna be able to post it over here.


Damn thing turned into a bizarre (well for me anyways) piece of flash fiction that was better suited for my other blog than it would be at this one.


Because it is easier to use provocative language over there, as opposed to over here with my particular piece of flash fiction.

So if you could, please follow me over to Partially Yours where you can read one of the fastest written pieces of flash fiction I ever wrote (about an hour and a half of total time split between work and on the blog) called "Purrrfect."

Also, if you had a chance to read Wednesday's post, then you know that I'm hip deep in trying to write a synopsis for my book (remember, I schedule my posts, which is why that last sentence is past tense). Because of that, there may or may not be a post at Shooting Suburbia tomorrow. I wanted to give everyone a heads up just in case you wander over there and still see the post from last week staring back at you because that's just the way I is.


  1. Or perhaps we thought you were busy throttling everyone you had to see at Thanksgiving? :)

  2. R: No such luck. Everyone actually stayed out of my way, which in turn made me just a touch social in my anti-socialness, although my two year old nephew was trying his damnedest to obliterate that small sliver of socialness that was shining through.

  3. Hi Georgie!
    It was nice to hear from you! Nothing like those quiet, dark moments alone with your coffee (and you dog) before the day gets started.

    Your writing is really coming along. Keep the short story genre alive!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi Snow! Hope you're doing well during these increasingly short daylight days.

    Yeah, those days are slowly becoming a rarity for me, and thanks for the compliment about my writing.

    Hope you have happy holiday as well.

  5. I'm so jealous of all you folks getting Thursday to Sunday off!
    i've been working all that, plus Mon too! Happy back to the grind0
    (I'm saving the flash post for tomorrow- Bedtime soon!

  6. Snaggle: Don't be too jealous. My Friday was the second of three unpaid furlough days for this current fiscal year.

    The third one comes up the Monday after Christmas.


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