Friday, December 31, 2010

Nuovo Year' s Eve

Today is Nuovo Year' s Eve. With tomorrow being Nuovo Year' giorno di s, now will be a very good time to take my last blogging hiatus for the year.

It's been a great year for me, blogging-wise, because even though I hit a few valleys along the way, I was still able to consistently produce original content 99% of the time.

And as for writing, even though I wasn't able to get anything published, I was still able to make some fantastic progress just the same.

Let's recap, shall we?

We shall.

For blogging, I started a picture blog called Shooting Suburbia and a junk blog called Partially Yours and permanently closed my short story blog Flashing Georgie's Shorts. I almost equalled my output from 2009 (209) but counting this one, I fell short by three posts. I managed to stay true to myself and by doing so, I picked up a few more followers and a few more subscribers, for which I am truly grateful and truly appreciative of.

My goal as I enter my third year of blogging (I can't believe I just said that), is to maintain both my blogging schedules (S-M-W-F for here, Saturday for picture blog and sporadic for junk blog) and writing at least 99% original content for all three.

For writing, like I previously stated, even though I wasn't able to get anything published (not from the lack of effort), this year I was able to effectively push to the side the extremely nasty habit of not seeing something to the bitter end simply because getting to that end would be extremely difficult.

To whit: I managed to write and complete a first draft of a 65,000+ word novel in two and a half months; I did an initial round of editing; sent it off to a friend who gave it an honest critique; did three more rounds of editing; and most importantly, I wrote a first draft of a synopsis for it. In previous years, I probably wouldn't have gotten past the initial round of editing, but since I really want to make a go of this, I decided to take advantage of all the tools at my disposal.

My goal next year is to not only get that second draft of my synopsis written, but to start querying and submitting this novel as well. And perhaps get another short story published. And maybe, complete one of my trunk novels (got three of those).

With the happy recap completed, I wish everyone a very happy and very safe Nuovo Year' s Eve and Nuovo Year' giorno di s and will see you on January 3rd, 2011.

I leave you with a link to one very funny driving song and links to two of my favorite tongue in cheek songs about animals.

Nervous Norvus performing  Transfusion
Ogden Edsel performing  Dead Puppies

Loudon Wainwright 3rd performing Dead Skunk


  1. It sounds like you had a good year, G. Good.

    Happy New Year, amigo.

  2. Happy New Year, George!! I hope 2011 will be a great one for you and your family! :)

  3. Getting things finished is so critical. Sounds like some substantial progress for you in 2010

  4. I wish you a Happy New Year, too, G!

  5. David: Thanks. I like to think I did have a decent year for writing. Nothing like building the groundwork for future success.

    Lisa: Thanks. I hope so to.

    Charles: It definitely is. I've come along way over the years. Still not where I want to be, but I'm quite happy with what accomplishe just the same.

    Lynn: Thanks.

  6. Productive indeed, and I have enjoyed reading it. Happy New Year, amigo!

  7. Travis: Thanks, and a happy New Year to you as well.

    M&M: You've been a good friend and a erstwhile cyber companion. I have enjoyed picking your brain for writing tips in the preceeding twelve months and look forward to doing the same next year.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  8. Happy New Year, hon. My best to you & yours!

  9. Lana: Thanks, and my best you and yours as well.

  10. LOL Dude you are so twisted in the bestest way. A very Happy New Year! Looking forward to more from that mind of yours in 2011.

  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR, GEORGIE, dear friend. :)Bea

  12. Sounds like you've made great progress with your writing.

    I always love your commitment to your blog. Your love of writing always shines through.

    Happy New Year G!

  13. Jeanne: Thanks. The first two songs I originally heard on a Dr. Demento vinyl collection (long since out of print) and the last I have on a 45.

    Living in New England and working for the guv'ment has a tendency to make one slightly twisted with a slice of lemon.

    Bea: Many thanks and a Happy New Years to you and yours.

    Joe: Thanks. I always try to be 100% committed to something I truly care about, and my writing, be it for the blog or elsewhere, is always something I'm committted to.

  14. Wishing you a fanastic 2011, G!

  15. Talon: Thanks, and to you as well.

    Nurse Myra: Thanks, and to you as well.

  16. You truly got a lot done last year! Wishing you a truly productive, fulfilling and interesting writing year ahead :) I know that you'll probably surprise yourself a couple of times too with what stories pop in your head. That's what makes you a writer that gets and keeps the reader.

  17. Kelly: Thanks, and here's to you and yours having a banner New Year as well.


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