Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Strangeness Abounds

As some of you may have experienced on your blog from time to time, I have a rather strange sense of humor. Not only do I share it with my friends here in the blog world, but I also share it with my friends, co-workers and strangers out here in the real world as well. Case in point is the picture that is gracing your computer screen this morning.

Back in the late spring, I did one of my Saturday morning errands walking around with a Beanie Baby Duck on the top of my head. Yes, the general public did see me. At the bank, in the parking lot of Dunkin' Donuts, in Dunkin' Donuts, and at the post office (in which one of my supervisors saw me at my most vulnerable).

Anyways, for the rest of the summer, the manager of the Dunkin' Donuts kept asking me where Ducky was, to which I replied that he was in the Bahamas on vacation (still is in the Bahamas on vacation. well, in this weather, wouldn't you?). By the beginning of fall, I had earned the sobriquet of "Ducky" whenever I walked into that particular D.D.

Staying true to form, I decide to one up the sobriquet that the D.D. manager had given me. Around early November, I decided to add a little something to my wardrobe. Mainly, a smaller version of what you see in front of you. I had found a tiny version of Pooh Bear and he was the perfect fit for a slightly worn out hole in the front right pocket of my jacket. After a little pruning and posing, he is safely tucked away with one arm waving hi and a foot sticking through the small hole for support.

So naturally, I became a spokesman for Pooh Bear. Whenever I would walk into a public place (yes, public place), I would bring Pooh Bear into the conversation, which of course would bring a smile to everyone's face and a chuckle for the day.

Almost overnight, he became a local celebrity. Well, not really a local celebrity, but more like G's alter-ego. Whereas the legendary Jannie Funster has the very hip and kick ass Blue Bunny to dominate the blog world, my little Pooh Bear will not. Dominate the blog world that is. But he will be brought in from time to time as he enjoys reading much the same things that I do (imagine that) and thus will need help in voicing his opinion.

In the meantime, Pooh Bear will be more than happy to order and talk about the same things that his best potato spud G likes in the real world, because you know in the real world, we all need that one best bud that helps us stay grounded when the rest of the crap that the world has to offer starts to bleed through the protective shield that we like to throw up around ourselves on a daily basis.


Is noisy shiny crap, but every once in a while, we need to have a little innocence injected into the mix, just to remind us that the child from days gone by wants to come out and play.


  1. Definitely you have to honor the inner child. And pooh seems like a lovely one to keep company with. :)

  2. Sounds like a fun jacket, G. :) I applaud that.

  3. Talon: Thanks. I have a classic Pooh Bear calendar that graced my cube this year, and believe it or not, that thing often quelled a restless spirit at work.

    Lynn: Thanks. It is. It's also a great conversational piece as well. :D

    Travis: Never! :D

    Well, maybe just a little with the kiddies as his best potato spud Georgie can't have that golden goodness in his diet.

  4. Pooh sure gives us that innocent, clear perspective of the world. Would you say that having Pooh with you brings out a certain good in people you don't otherwise see?

  5. Joanne: I've had complete strangers compliment me on my choice of companion and have carried on quite a few interesting conversations in the process.

    So I belive that Pooh bear quite often can cause grown people stop whatever it is that they're doing and just for a minute or two, have that type of unguarded conversation that under normal circumstances would rarely happen with a stranger.

  6. Ha...It's funny. Noone tends to stop me for conversation when I have my blow up doll sticking out of my jacket.

  7. Bearman: I would think that they would cross the street clutching their wallets and/or purses...or whip out a very long needle and shake you down by saying, "Your wallet or the girlfriend."

    What would you choose?

  8. Last graph - you are so right! I love silliness and I love to laugh. I also have so many stuffed animals (including Pooh and many of his friends) that it is probably socially irresponsible.

  9. What a huge Winnie the Pooh! You're lucky to have a good side-kick to brighten the world as you go-
    Often I get way too serious n don't play enough! I need those other folks to help lighten my mood up-

  10. Sometimes I've considered walking around with nothing on except a red shirt. A tribute to Pooh.

  11. M: There is no such thing as being socially irresponsible with stuffed animals.

    Besides, some of them make quite the conversationalist.

    Snaggle: Thanks. I think that Pooh bear is the ultimate sidekick to have.

    David: That would be interesting to see. :D

    I do know from time to time I pay tribute to Pooh by lowering my brain capacity at work so as to better deal with the staff I do payroll for.

  12. That's just a sliver away from insanity. And I'm not sure in which direction. ;)

    However, I once entertained my son at MacDonalds with a talking stuffed animal that had the whole staff watching and laughing. So you can see I probably am on the same side of insanity as you are.

  13. Charles: When it comes to stuffed animals, there is no such thing as a sliver away from insanity.

    'Tis I who is normal and the rest of the world insane. :D

    I do weird stuff like this all the time. It's kind of a hidden quirk of mine that I unleash onto the general public, as opposed to what I show to family and co-workers.

    Seriously, it keeps me sane and grounded at the same time.


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