Monday, January 10, 2011

I Gots Bored

No real post here today, and I'll tell you why there's no real post here today.

The other day I got to thinking about the junk blog that I have sitting out in cyber space all lonely and forlorn. The reason as to why I got to thinking about the junk blog is that I haven't thrown a post on there since December 19th, and I really didn't want to potentially go an entire month without posting at least one item on it.

Now it just so happens that last hump day (for the uninformed, that is Wednesday), a co-worker of mine uttered a rather innocuous sentence late one afternoon. Being of unsound mind, I naturally jumped on that innocuous sentence and after a red faced exchange that lasted about a minute, stored the innocuous sentence for future use.

Today, over at Partially Yours, the innocuous sentence in question was successfully put to good use, as I was able to build an entire post around it.

In all seriousness, because I went so hog wild on this post (read: I wrote something that is usually found in my stories, not in my blog posts), the content is rather graphic and caters to the lowest common denominator of sleaziness (read: geared towards the male population between the age of 16-25), which is why it's over there instead of over here. Read at your own potential risk of being OH-FEND-ED, and remember to keep that disconnect in mind of G the blogger versus G the writer.


  1. Happy Marvelous Monday, G. :)

  2. Lynn: Thanks, and you too as well.

  3. Oh, I just LOVE being offended! I'm heading right over!

  4. Mama Z: Glad to hear that you're an open minded individual.

  5. R: Okay.

    I supposes it was good for a chuckle or two or three.

    I did get on a roll while writing it though. :D

  6. Innocuous sentences as story starting points can oftentimes lead to interesting things. I love writing short stories from random phrases.

  7. Jewel: This is very true. I wrote a bunch of short stories in '09 that originated from random sentences and phrases I overheard during my day-to-day activities.

    This turned out to be one of my more salacious offerings for my blog.

    It was actually a good exercise in writing for me, because I'm still trying to find that good blend of overtop and just right with a particular type of writing that I do.

  8. glad i can help you with the sports end of things - Mets? ah well, I'm a Yankees fan...the best thing they could have done was get rid of Minaya - now their problems are Reyes, Beltran, and K-Rod (part of Minaya's scheme for a champion) - they all got huge salaries and beltran hasn't done a damn thing in at least a year, K-Rod beats people up, and Reyes is made of glass. Patience is a virtue, and I hope you have some, because it's gonna be another long year in Flushing.

  9. Ryan: It should be a bit easier to follow the Mets this year (I don't have their cable network with my current Direct TV package) as I was able to find their Facebook page, so if its anything like the Patriots page, I should be good to go.

    Its funny, but back in the 70's I was a Yankees fan simply because everyone else in my school was either a Sox fan or a Yankees fan. I didn't want to become a Sox fan because their announcers used to put me to sleep at night.

    I think that Minaya probably got stars in his eyes and simply went overboard. Going from a small market (Montreal) to a large market ulitmately was something he wasn't able to handle.


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