Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Time To Nut Up

Because I'm a man of my word, and in the end, that's really all you got that is your own private personal possession, we interrupt our previously scheduled post (which will be seen in its entirety on January 24th, 2011) to bring you the end result of yesterday's (1/16/11) playoff loss of the New England Patriots.

To refresh your memory, or if you missed yesterday's (1/16/11) post, I made what I thought was a sure bet, in that the Patriots would beat the Jets and someone else would have to wax poetically about the Patriots on their blog. Well, as you can probably figure out after reading your local newspaper or watching the news, the Patriots lost to the Jets 28-21.

So, here goes nothing.

The New York Jets were definitely the better team last night. While they didn't manhandle the New England Patriots, they did manage to keep Brady on his toes, off-balanced and eating turf (sacked 5 times). Mark Sanchez had a solid all around game with no pics and four (count 'em) four touchdowns and the Jets defense stepped up when it mattered.

Two teams were looking to advance to the AFC Championship, and apparently, the Jets were hungrier than the Patriots.

A hearty congratulations to the New York Jets, as they definitely were the better team on Sunday.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to snap a king size rubber band against the side of my face for the next couple of minutes as penance for talking up a hated AFC East rival


  1. As an outside fan without a rooting interest in either team I have to wonder why the Pats were playing scared. Running the ball so much when you have a stud like Brady.

  2. saaaaweeet! DP is talking about the JETS right now...

    i have a bet with OFT at make daddy a sammich bout the JETS steelers game...

    i may be making the nut up post next monday...

    it was not a great game for the pats, but even after the third td and 45 secs left..well my lions fan crept in...thought for sure i was gonna be posting pats stuff..

    good post...

    talk soon...

    oh and boreball...well, i look forward to your insight!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  3. Some tough games left ahead. Everyone except maybe the Bears seem to be playing a very high level.

  4. the Jets did outplay them, and I was very surprised to see that - sometimes Belichek's lack of emotion bites them in the ass because there doesn't seem to be any sense of urgency

  5. Travis: I agree. I think what bothered me the most about the game was when in the fourth quarter they had the ball for about 7 minutes and produced nada.

    However, I think the problem was that the Jets defense harrassed the receivers so much that it really nipped the Pats aerial attack.

    Bruce: You'll find that I am a man of my word when it comes to paying off bets. Hopefully the Jets will beat the fabled Steel Curtain. As much as I don't like the Jets, I really don't want the see the Steelers with Bend-'em over Rothlessburge getting to the Super Bowl.

    And as for the Bore-ball season, I'm a New York Mets fan, and I should dig out a couple of posts I wrote back in '08 when they did their fantastic collapse at the end of the season. Had some pretty funky pics to go with the posts.

    Charles: I don't know about the Bears. They seemed to me to be pretty sharp yesterday. Even though Cutler ate some turf, he didn't do any funky turnovers to damage the team.

    Ryan: I agree about the sense of urgency. That long drive they had in which nothing was scored just about summed up the entire game for them.

  6. Sorry about the Pats' loss, G... although I'm not much of a pro football fan (I like college ball better, but Rick is a big Cowboys fan... not that THEY'VE done much good lately :)), I definitely know it sucks when your favorite team loses a big game!

  7. Patriots Down...YES.

    Now if someone can take care of the Steelers.

  8. I'd skip the rubber band. It sounds painful just thinking about it!

  9. Lisa: Thanks.

    Tell Rick he has my deepest sympathies about the Cowboys (which will probably worsen before they get better).

    Bearman: Perchance might you be a....Bengals fan?

    R: Well, sometimes we have to do penance when we talk up a hated rival. Rubber band snapping against the skin was the mildest form of punishment I could think of.

  10. Sports! I'm just so out of the loop. But I'm glad a NY team won.

  11. David: If it makes you feel any better, compared to a few of my co-workers, I'm just a rookie fresh out of the NY-Penn league as it applies to sports knowledge.

  12. Let's just say that if I had bet on that game, I would have lost!

  13. Mama Z: The only time I've lost a bet that I won, was back in 1986 when the Mets played the Sox. I gave the runs to a customer, so even when the Mets won the series, I had to pay him a pack of smokes (which were $1.50 back in '86).

  14. hahaha when I saw the title of this post on my google reader I had to jump right over to see what you were up to. I was shocked at the outcome but not shocked but shocked if that makes any sense. After the trash talking during the week I thought for sure the Pats would come out stronger. But...those spunky New York boys!

  15. Jeanne: It really hurt to write this post, but a bet was a bet.

    I'm sure once things settle down at work, I'll get an earful about them from my co-workers.

    Sometimes I do come up with the most interesting titles for my posts, don't I?

  16. Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo... I heard at work- where everyone seemed dissappointed. Oh well- Ya can't win the Superbowl all the time- Alot of changes were made in the Pats this year, plus Brady wasn't as consistant since returning from his leg injury this season.

    Jets had a great game

  17. Snaggle: True, you can't win the Super Bowl all the time, but they are starting to turn into the equivalent of the Buffalo Bills from a couple of decades ago.

  18. Well, we're Giants fans over here, but my boys were rooting for the Jets.

  19. Kelly: I was rooting for the Jets in their previous game against the Colts.


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