Sunday, February 6, 2011

This And That

Yapple Dapple, Dapple Yapple!

Over at Shooting Suburbia is part two of the Waterfall Festival. Please take a stroll over to there and check it out.

Over here I was going to share another small slice of the one part of myself that I keep very well hidden from everyone in the Cyber World. Unfortunately, as I was doing a little basic research on a particular e-mail that I wanted to use, I discovered that the content of the e-mail actually came from another person's website.

So instead of using the content without permission, I will simply direct you to the website itself, which is called "The Daily Motivator". Please note that it is a Christian oriented website, so if that really isn't your bag, by all means, don't explore. I may explore it myself in the future, but if anything, this leaves me with the sticky problem of what to write about today.

Since I can't think of anything to write about, that leaves me with the old standby of presenting to you a picture. In this case, a picture of what winter should look like in Newington today, but in reality doesn't. If anything, this will help explain why I'm starting to go off the deep end about snow, which was famously called, "soft fluffy white stuff" by Thomas The Tank Engine.

Looks all kinds of innocent and pleasing to the eye, don't it. Well my friends, please add about five feet of snow and imagine the width of the road to be exactly one car (an Oldsmobile Alero should do the trick), and that should give you a basic idea on why this winter is really sucking the big one and why the old record for the season will probably be surpassed* by the time this particular week (2/6/11 thru 2/12/11) plays out.

*the old record for total snow accumulation for the season in Connecticut is about 115 inches


  1. Yeah, I shoveled out our walk way again this morning. I'm done with this winter but we'll see if it is through with me yet. Still a great pic, G.

  2. Is that your street? Nice woods. Are they part of Cedar Mountain?

  3. that's the worst part of the snow - the 2 lane roads somehow merged into a 1 lane road (for both directions) - i've waited for a line of cars to pass going one way just for me to go the other

    stupid snow

  4. David: Because of the way our house is situated, most of the snow in our yard, driveway, porch, etc. doesn't really melt. At the moment, it's a small sheet of ice with salt sprinkled in between.

    Thanks for pic. It was taken about a year ago, when were in the midst of a mild winter.

    Snow: Not really. This is Mountain Road, which runs directly next to Cedar Mountain on the left and directly next to my house on the right.

    Ryan: I would put my capitol up against yours any day of the week, and I bet yours would win hands down for better plowing of the city streets. Just wait until you see tomorrow's post. It will make your commute look like a Sunday drive in the park.

    Try five lanes of road into two and a quarter lanes.

  5. The last time we got snowed in I got really sick of friends in other parts of the country saying, "Oooooh, it must be so pretty!" when it interfered with out ability to go anywhere.

    Hope it all melts soon.

  6. R: Pretty ain't the word I'm thinking of right now. Just wait until tomorrow's post, because then you'll see what word I'm really thinking of to describe all of this crap.

  7. snow is bulls*it...

    jus' sayin'

  8. So I guess you are dreaming of spring. :)

  9. We're breaking snow records here, too. Mightily sucks the big one.

  10. Bruce: Ain't that the truth.

    Lynn: Dreaming of spring and summer, yes indeedie doodie.

    Mama Z: Yeah, and we're getting a record number of building collapses this season as well.

  11. I love this blog. Check out mine, it a contant work in progress:

  12. I fell twice on the ice today. I'm trying to channel Aruba :)

  13. Chellec: Thanks for stopping by. I will give yours a look see as I'm always on the lookout for new blogs.

    Kelly: I would love to channel Aruba. :D

    Bearman: In all seriousness, we've had almost two dozen buildings (businesses and private homes) collapse to a certain degree, and we have a bunch of school closings as well today because of it.


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