Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Request

Yes, I know that this is a non-scheduled post, but I'm feeling extra creative this week. Anyways, the reason for this post is pretty simple.

I need help.

Specifically, two more blogs to add to my reading list. I currently follow 98 (yes, you read correctly) live and not so live blogs. Since I'm a bit anal about numbers, I would like to make my list an even 100.

If you could be so kind, please leave a thoughtful suggestion in my comment box of a blog (plus corresponding addy) that you might think will tickle my fancy.

And remember kiddies, yours truly is almost always not offended by what he reads.


  1. hum, do you read Patti Abbott (Pattinase on my blog list)? She generally has some intriguing posts.

  2. I like Anil P's blog "Windy Skies" http://windyskies.blogspot.com/

    He travels in India and his blog posts are about what happens along the way. He doesn't post on a schedule, but I always enjoy his writings and insights.

  3. http://www.badassoftheweek.com/

  4. I wouldn't have a clue, G. I'm not even sure how many I follow.

  5. oilfield trash at make daddy a sammich is a good blog on my blogroll

    and i love The Guy Book blog...(shameless self promotion...)

    just a couple for ya!

  6. General comment folks:

    I will check out each and every blog that gets mentioned and will let everyone know in a future post not only what everyone suggested (with links) but my impressions and final result as well, and judging by the amount I got so far, I got a feeling that I'm going to go over my self-imposed limit.

    Charles: I think that I checked her out a year or two ago during one of my surfing phases, but I'm always willing to do a revisit.

    Lynn: Sounds intriguing. Always like to see how people live in different parts of the globe.

    Chris: If the blog is anything like the addy, I'm there. :D

    David: Well, how 'bout the wife? Does she have a blog that really likes that she could recommend to me?

    Bruce: "oilfield trash"? With a name like that, how could a blog being anything but good.

    A shameless self plug is always a good thing.

  7. Too many to name. I wouldn't want to offend anyone. For humor I might go with Blunt Delivery or Crabby Old Fart. (crabbyoldfar.wordpress.com

  8. 98! Good Lord.

    Windy Skies is great...Arroz con Mango...Home of the Snapping Turtle...Mike D. Links on my blog. I'm trying to think of ones we don't already both follow.

  9. Bearman: Crabby Old Fart....are your sure there isn't a letter "t" in that addy? Humor is always good, although I've found that Wordpress has a tendency to the home for cerebral funny people, which is a good thing.

    R: Yeah, I'm a voracious reader. Never had friends while growing up, so I spent my time at the public library. This is just a natural extension of that.

    Plus, it's cheaper than getting magazine subscriptions and I don't have to worry about the glare from the magazine bothering my eyes.

    I don't know of Arroz Con Mango, I think Lynn has a link to that as well.

  10. I like:


    They're both spirited guys who post every day.

  11. S.R.: I follow and read Joey's on a daily basis and the other one sounds promising.


  12. I like these two a lot



  13. Nurse Myra: Thanks for the addys, I will check them out this weekend.


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