Thursday, March 10, 2011

When A Young Man's Fancy Turns To You Know What

Continuing with the burst of creativity, Cedar's Mountain sautees your brain with a naturally juicy post that will either make you chuckle or get offended, or quite possibly both.

Today's post is Cedar's Moutain's 3rd annual pre-Spring/Summer celebration. For those of you who are relative newcomers to this blog, since 2009 I have written a very misogynistic and 100% testosterone fueled ode to the female form, usually around Spring and Summer.

You know, when the weather gets warmer (50's or higher) and the clothes get lighter.

Anyways, 2011 is no exception. Unlike the previous years that were posted here, this year's ode can be found at Partially Yours. Please keep in mind that this is written with tongue planted firmly in cheek and in no way, shape or form, would I actually verbalize these kinds thoughts that bluntly during any kind of bullshit sessions with my male friends. Or with my female friends for that matter.

For 2009's testosterone fueled Summertime ode to the female form, please check out "Summertime Sizzzzzzzzzzles".

For 2010's over the top testosterone fueled Springtime ode to the female form, please check out "You Know It's Springtime When..."

And remember, I really am a very nice guy.


  1. Bearman: That is a good question, and one that may deserve an answer.

    Someday. :D

  2. Oh, what I would give to hear one of my guy friends talk like that!


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