Saturday, April 2, 2011

Overpaid Jocks And Under Appreciated Fans

Since I'm still feeling a little (okay, a lot) guilty for nuking a post on everyone, I thought I would give everyone a rare Saturday post.

Unlike everyone else in the blog world who probably roots for a good baseball team, I am a very long suffering Mets fan.

Even though I have not been able to watch them on t.v., thanks to being a member of the ever-popular-ever-growing class of people called The Working Poor, I still try to follow them through print or Facebook (I have their page loaded into my wall feed).

However, even though the 2011 baseball season officially got under way this week with the New York Yankees beating the Detroit Tigers, I thought I would jump to the end of the line and post my opinion about the upcoming New York Mets monumental belly-flop into the septic September swamp.

Do I, as a long suffering Mets fan, really need to elaborate?


  1. I do feel your pain but in a different sport, soccer. My team are doing alright at the moment though, but I wish you look in the up and coming games.

  2. That photo is gross and hilarious.

  3. I'm a long suffering fan of a team too, albeit one on the opposite side of the country. But at least today I can say, "The Mariners are tied for 1st place! The Mariners are tied for 1st place!"

  4. HAHA! Nice..
    I missed the whole nuking a post situation.

  5. Blogger Sam: Be more than happy too, but this team has made me more than pessimistic for the past several years or though.

    I can sympathize with you though, especially if you're a fan of one of those EPL teams.

    Bearman: Thanks. I liked this photo so much (used it in a post from 2008, which was also about the Mets) that I really needed to recycle and create part deaux.

    Chris: Seattle used to be good. Not sure what happened out there, but at least yours is higher than the Mets, who are tied for last already.

    Extra O: Thanks, and sorry about that. The post in question had to do with an incident at work that I was an unfortunate part of. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Or staying gainfully employed.

    Bruce: You are more than welcome my friend.

  6. lol! I hope things look up for your team, G...but I don't necessarily want to apply that to that dog because looking up there would be SERIOUSLY disgusting! ;)

  7. Oh good god! That was a picture I did not need to see!

    I don't follow baseball but I know people who feel the same way you do.

    I don't think you should feel guilty for taking the post down.

  8. General comment: Considering how things have gone this past week, this pic was the only one that I have stashed on my computer that could properly experss the way I feel about my beloved N.Y. Mets.

    Sort of a new twist on the old adage "Cutting your nose off to spite your face."

    Talon: Yeah, it would be serioulsy disgusting indeed. :D

    R: Perhaps I should've posted it on my other other blog (sort of like the Piranha brother's other other plan)?

    I still feel guilty about pulling it down because I don't like correcting things that I know aren't wrong or going back on my word.

    It's part of my character and its what makes me, me.


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