Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bear In Tree

This is only a test. The real deal will appear sometime tomorrow morning. Please enjoy this brief late Spring interlude to your day.


  1. Should I find this slightly disturbing, because I do. :D

    Nice to hear yours, erm....Pooh's voice.

  2. Joe: Absolutely. :D


    However, tomorrow is where the fun really begins.


  3. Somehow, I thought your voice would be deeper. Of course, when I first met you online, I thought you were a completely sane, uncrazed person. I'm 0 for 2! lol.

  4. Gumby: Thanks fella. Thought the same about you as well. :D

    In all seriousness though, Blogger is on the fritz with video uploads, so I may have to link to YouTube with tomorrow's video.

  5. Pooh better put on his boxing gloves to fight off the Toll Brothers :/

  6. Joanne: Most definitely. The local opposition group has a Facebook page. If you search on it "Save Cedar Mountain", it should pop up.

  7. My son had exactly the same stuffed bear. it was his favorite. I have such fond memories of him playing with it.

  8. Charles: Memories of days gone by often keeps us going whenever life gets to be a little too complicated.

  9. Hope Pooh doesn't Pooh on you from up there.

  10. Kelly: He made it down in one piece. No harm, no foul. :D

  11. I love Pooh Bear! I did not see this in my RSS feed before. (I came back after I saw your comment about the video.)

  12. R:Thanks.

    Blogger was acting kind of nutty that weekend. It wouldn't let me upload my next video, so I had to go to YouTube and do it that way.


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