Sunday, May 29, 2011

Picture Me Unpictured

After spending the better part of two days creating one video to share with all of my friends, I am now slightly burnt as it applies to the pictorial world, be it moving pictures or stills. Thus, Shooting Suburbia is out and about on recess until next week.

Which leaves me space to fill here.

So, like Friday it was my b'day, you know, and like, people asked what I wanted, you know, like for presents, fer shure. So like, I am sure that I made the point of asking for gift cards from anyone except Borders, so like a Valley Girl I gagged myself with a spoon and got gift cards from anyone except Borders.

Barnes & Nobles and Amazon, to be exact. Dollar value of B&N is 25 G.W.'s. Dollar value of Amazon is a Ulysses Grant.

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to offer a few recommendations for books and music. However, there are a few caveats to follow.

For Barnes & Noble, I need another book suggestion to go along with the Beat To A Pulp Anthology that came out in 2009 that I promised everyone and their extended family for the past year that I would purchase.

For Amazon, this is where the fun is gonna be, because I plan on beefing up my music collection. I have three artists already in mind that I want to get (Cage The Elephant, John Fogerty and Trombone Shorty). For the others, I'm looking to touch the following genres:

Alt-country/Americana: Specifically, this is anything that you won't here on commercial radio stations. This is more in line with what you would hear on college radio, or perhaps satellite radio, or even local artists that you may enjoy (think Alison Krauss or Lucinda Williams)

Cajun/Zydeco: I have a sampler of this kind of music from Rounder Records, but I'm looking to pick up another artist or two.

Folk: I have some folk music from a local New England duo called Atwater-Donnelly that I need to convert to CD (a project for another time), but I'm looking for other artists to sample.

As for other genres, you can use your imagination on this, but if you know of a local artist whose stuff is on Amazon, by all means, let me know.

And feel free to explore the links, which not only will give you a basic idea of what I like, but quite possibly might expand your musical horizons as well.


  1. I might recommend something by Sidney Williams. Night brothers is my favorite, but Blood hunter is also very good. Horror fiction but well done, very atomspheric.

  2. Charles: Thankee. I'm willing to take another crack at horror fiction.

  3. Fitting within those categories, I'd recommend Cowboy Junkies and Paula Cole, music-wise.

    Have you read any Erica Jong yet? Her bio of Henry Miller is particularly excellent.

  4. R: Cowboy Junkies are still around? I used to hear them a lot on college radio out here, but only a particular station that I don't listen to anymore. Haven't heard of Paula Cole. But those are good suggestions.

    Nope, haven't read any Erica Jong yet. I'll keep her in mind as well.


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