Monday, May 9, 2011

Play Me A Melody

It's funny how certain words, phrases, conditions, or even a particular issue will more often than not lead to a particular song rambling through my head.

For instance, as I was writing the handwritten version of this post, I happened to glance out the window and I saw that not only was it seriously overcast but the cloud looked like they were about to puke their stomach contents after twenty hour booze and junk food binge.

The first song that entered my head, in fact the only song that usually enters my head when a rainstorm is about to hit, was the song "Rain" by Dickey Betts. The song itself is the second track on his fantastic album "Highway Calls", and it basically sets the mood for the entire album.

The song itself conjures up memories of a summer rainstorm. You know, the kind of rainstorm that you don't really mind getting caught in. The kind where you simply soak up plain goodness of one of Mother Nature's ultimate conundrums.

Work has a tendency to bring out the strangest songs as well. One of my favorite out of work songs is "Workin' For A Livin'". Don't ask me why, but it does resonate in a way that very others can. And thinking about that song quickly brings about a strange montage of songs that includes "I Hate My Life" (Theory Of A Deadman), "Why Me?" (Planet P), "Everybody Plays A Fool" (The Main Ingredient) and "Smiling Faces, Sometimes" (The Undisputed Truth).

Lately, a particular song has been worming its way into my subconscious and I'm not sure whether I should be annoyed or amused.

The song in question is "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees. It seem that whenever I find myself with a moment or brain vacancy (you know, when you hit that state of being when absolutely nothing is swirling around in your head) this song floats to the forefront and proceeds to lay waste to my sanity.

Doesn't really matter what I'm trying to do, be it writing a blog pot, writing a story or even something as simple as trying to find a particular plot thread, the second I try to focus my thought...BAM!...there it is.

Speaking of writing, sometimes when I'm trying to find that right frame of mind to write a given passage, I'll let my memory wander through the plethora of rooms that contain all of those musical tidbit to see if it can latch onto a particular song or even a particular lyric that I might be able to use as a motivator.

More often than not, I usually find that a song will kick in when I least expect it to.

And that my friends, is really the best end result you can truly have.


  1. I like about three songs by The Monkees and Daydream Believer is one. Favorite has to be Last Train to Clarksville.

  2. Oh yeah I always have a song wafting around in my head, normally one I don't like that much which is on constant repeat. Drives me insane. :D

  3. I used to have a little crush on Davy Jones. And he was on Dr. Phil a couple of weeks ago. A nice little song to have stuck in your head.

  4. The title of your post immediately brought to mind Billy Joel's "son can you play me a memory ..." And so now, it's sad and it's sweet, but I've got the Piano Man in my head :)

  5. day dream believer...

    now i feel it in my head too...that song is like a yawn...


    it's all good...

    my wife will be home soon and i will have new voices and sounds in my head...

    the captcha is preg-icky..sage advice? or revisionist history?

  6. David: One of my favorite Monkee songs is "Goin' Down", sort of a kewl precursor of those fast spoken word songs that became popular in the 90's.

    However this one remains one of my favorite singalongs.

    Joe: I usually have that problem with children songs from the shows that nephew watches. :D

    Lynn: That song and "Take Me Home, Country Roads" are the only songs that I don't mind having stuck in my head 24/7.

    Joanne: Didn't even cross my mind when I popped the title in. I managed to tune out any connection to that song because it was played to death on the commercial stations. But a decent song nonetheless to have stuck in your head. :D

    Bruce: But..but..but its a fun song to have stuck in your head. :D

    "Pregicky"? revisionist history.

  7. I sometimes get songs stuck in my head. The worst was when I used to have 3 hour orchestra rehearsals in the evenings after high school. Then I'd lie in bed trying to fall asleep, with huge, fortissimo waves of Rachmaninoff concertos crashing through my head. It was awful. I'd take the Monkees over that any day.

  8. S.R.: Ahhhh, the beauty that is classical music.

    My early exposure to classical was tempered by my exposure to the Chuck Stalling version of classical music.

    To this day, I can't listen to classical music without immediately thinking of Elmer Fudd.

  9. It is the Monkees. Who are, believe it or not, playing some small venue in this metro area. What are they, like 70 now?

  10. R: Something like that. I remember dressing up as Mickey one Halloween when I was about 8 or 9.

    Scary days indeed.

  11. Hilarious that you would talk about Daydream believer as two seconds before I came over here I was belting out a neil diamond song to the wife.

  12. Bearman: Neil Diamond is cool, I mean at least he wrote his own stuff.


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