Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Pictorial Musings


After a one week hiatus, I'm back with a new pictorial series at Shooting Suburbia called "Is Autumn Winter?" Please check it out.

In other news, keeping on the subject of Shooting Suburbia, I'm thinking about taking a break from it for a while. This current picture series will carry on for the next five weeks, which will bring us to the July 4th weekend. By that weekend, I should have a definite decision. It's not so much as being burned out doing it as the motivation for doing it has greatly diminished to the point of know return. I have another picture disc stored on the computer plus one more that needs to be developed, but who knows when or if that will happen. In any event, I will keep everyone posted on what the fate of that blog will be.

In other other news, I spent my $25 B&N gift card. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. I managed to buy the following books new/used. The gift card paid for the books, the c/c paid for the shipping.

1} Beat To Pulp: Round One (new)
2} Night Brothers by Sidney Williams (used)
3} The Devil At Large: Erica Jong on Henry Miller (used)
4} Blood Hunter by Sidney Williams (used)

I'll probably get to work on the Amazon cards sometime next week when I'll be on a personal leave of absence from work (no, I'm not in trouble again. I've been a good little worker bee for the past two months and things are slowly getting back to my version of normal) and will have time to kill. Feel free to make your musical suggestions either here or there.

Speaking of that personal leave of absence, I haven't decided whether or not to take a break from blogging as well. I do have two things going on next week that require my attention, but taking frequent breaks from doing those will be an absolute necessity, so I will be giving that a lot of thought.

One of the two things will be a removal of this particular medical malady from the back of my neck. The other is of family nature (that doesn't directly involve me) that I don't wish to share here, but will require some TLC on my part just the same.

Hope your weekend has been a goody for ya! And if you need a little escapism, visit my short story "Red Stripe" at Cynic Magazine!


  1. It can be tough having more than one blog I think. I don't pressurise myself too much though, I just add stuff when I feel like it, that I know just wouldn't be right for Joey's Pad.

    You sound busy. Good luck with the TLC. ;)

  2. Joe: True, it can be tough having more than one blog. Having said that, the other two are pretty much no brainers, but whereas "Partially Yours" is really an extension of this one and thus not a problem if it goes dark for a while, "Shooting Suburbia" is pretty much a weekly blog and thus easy for me to maintain. Right now, I'm just not motivated to do maintain it.

    Yeah, it's gonna be a pretty hectic and stressed out the week of the 12th and I'm really not lookng forward to it, but its something that has to be done.

  3. Cool, the Henry Miller bio! I hope you enjoy. I did.

  4. R: It's worth a shot. It seemed to the only one there that I could stash at work w/o nosy questions being asked.

  5. Ouch - I'm glad you are getting that malady taken care of and hope all will be OK, G.

  6. Lynn: I'm hoping so too. Thanks for the good wishes.


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