Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Your Unofficial Guide To Home Tutoring (4)

Yapple dapple.

I'm not here today, as the physical portion of me is busy checking out the sights and sounds of my local Cyber World, which I hope to share with you on Friday.

However, the mental portion did come through to leave you with a piece of humor, so if you mosey a couple doors down, past that stage where all kinds of crazy peoples are listening to mind altering music and doing very strange things with the other crazy peoples, you'll find the latest installment of Dean Davis's Your Unofficial Guide To Home Tutoring.


  1. Your local cyber world? What in the world is that?

  2. Extra O: My version of Facebook and what I read for news and entertainment.

  3. Your friend should write a book. Seriously!

  4. R: I think he wrote and self-pubbed on the animal world. He's an exceptional talented individual who always keeps everyone in stitches and takes no prisoners as well.


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