Sunday, July 24, 2011

Picture Me Annoyed In Connecticut

That's right.

Annoyed in Connecticut.

For those of you who were smart enough to skip Friday's post (sorry 'bout that, but from time to time, I have a real need to rant about local politics), consider this short paragraph an addendum. In addition to the guv'nor telling the union lapdogs how to clarify his...umm...the concession plan, we are now voting to give back the raises that will appear in our paychecks next Thursday.

With that bit of irritating news out of the way, I now bring you part three of "Now That's Winter!" for your enjoyment.

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  1. This sounds like sitcom! Sorry about that. Mr. RK just got another job Friday, and just in time because 80% of his company got laid off. No official meeting, people just disappeared - AND the company put unemployment benefit brochures in the break room.

  2. R: Wow. Nothing like working for a company that simply ups and vanishes.

    Sort of like Border's....D'OH.

    Yes, its a very bad sitcom.

    Or a new version of a South American/Middle Eastern country.

  3. I'm having some shake-ups at my work. Damn annoying.

  4. David: Sucks don't it.

    At least your employer isn't trying to fill a $1.6 billion dollar gap by using you and 45K of your co-workers as cannon fodder.

    I wish you the best of luck at your place because frankly, no one should have to suffer from the excesses of upper management.

  5. Maybe we need to have just fewer elected officials.

  6. I read the previous post. I am speechless.

  7. Bearman: This state desperately needs fewer elected officials and some domestic fiscal sanity.

    By domestic, I mean that people really need to run their local or state govt like they run their household budget.

    Seems like once people get elected, that part of their brain shuts off.

    Mama Z: I've been speechless for since early May when all of this stuff first came down the road when the guv'nor gave his state of the state address.

    Now I'm just plain mad.


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