Sunday, July 31, 2011

Picture Me As A Melted Chocolate Bar

Yeah, it's been a brutal weekend. Went out to dinner with the wife on Thursday and paid an extremely heavy price for it on Friday (can you say in your best Fred Rogers voice, high blood sugars boys and girls?). Sort of recovered by Saturday morning but again paid another heavy price due to the fact that I went to a b'day party at my brother's house in Thomaston (about an eighty mile/two hour round trip drive) and ate late and heavy.

So Sunday is being spent as a lethargic drooling Homer Simpson type of clone, dreaming of cooler days and a full head of hair.

While I can't bring back the full head of hair unless I use spray on hair, I can bring back those cooler days. Specifically, those cool brutal days of winter, with part four of Now That's Winter!


  1. Hope you get your biology back on track soon.

  2. Sounds like you had a FUN dinner with the wife though! Yeah, it's hot up here too but I LOVE it!!!

  3. Everyone needs a lethargic-drooling-Homer Simpson sort of day, G. Glad you're having one. Mine will be tomorrow (it's a holiday weekend here). :)

  4. Charles: I'm hoping so too. It's been such a brutal weekend that all I want to do is just sit outside underneath a shady tree and simply drift away.

    Holly: It was a nice form of escapism for a little while. I don't mind the heat, but lately it's been knocking me for a larger loop than I'm used to.

    Talon: That sounds cool. Been trying to figure out what kind of holiday you guys got up there this month, but any three day weekend is a good thing.

  5. Is that the RONCO spray on hair?

  6. Hope today is late godfather used spray-on hair, btw. But somehow it wasn't noticeable. He used to say (and picture this in a heavy Bronx accent), "You've never seen someone do so much with so few!"

  7. Bearman: I'm not sure. I went back to the website and I couldn't tell who it was made by.

    R: Cute. :D

  8. I remember that spray on hair from infomercials. :) I hope you feel better today, G.

  9. Lynn: I'm hoping so, but my fasting sugar this morning (177) tells me its gonna be another bumpy ride.


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