Sunday, July 3, 2011

Picture Me Flabbergasted

Yah, I know, lame title, but I'm running out of good words to complete the sentence "Picture Me...."


Anyways, got the final post up that completes the series Is Autumn Winter? for your enjoyment.

But be very very afraid for the next series to appear. If every one could put on their memory cap for a moment and go back to earlier this year, you'll remember that I was bitchin' and wiggin' about the snow dump that Mother Father Sister Brother Nature dropped on Connecticut this winter.
But I had no pictorial proof to speak of then.

This time I do.




  1. If you ever run out of words, you know where to find some ;)

  2. R: Absolutely!

    I can wander over to the Hartford Courant and read the hundreds upon hundreds of diatribes being launched against our Governor for his wishy-washiness and our Democratic politicians for their complete lack of spine.

  3. Looking forward to reading the post. Here I go!


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