Sunday, July 17, 2011

Picture Me A Toasted Pop Tart

No, I'm not speaking metaphysically or philosophically, I'm speaking physically non-mentally. I spent Saturday toasting myself to a golden brown color with just a hint a red. The how and why will be elaborated on Monday.

Today we're spending the day executing the duties of the day-to-day drudgery that is life, which in this case is grocery shopping and laundry washing.


In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure and to make you forget about the high double/triple digit weather you might be suffering through in your neck of the woods, I present to you part two of "Now This Is Winter!"


  1. Ok shut up rubbing salt in the wounds! It's freezing and raining here in the UK! ;)

  2. Actually it's 59 and raining here. Of course tomorrow, when I go back to work, it's supposed to be 81 and sunny.

  3. Joe: Moi? Rub salt in the wounds?

    Not me. :D

    Seriously though, I've had so much exposure to the sun this weekend that whenever I've gone outdoors I've been drenching my head with the hose to cool.

    Love to have rain though. Too much sun makes G a grumpy guy.

  4. R: 59? In July? Are you cereal?

    We're supposed to get T-storms tomorrow afternoon.



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