Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This is just a sample of what thwarts most of my attempts at writing during the Spring and Summer. There is no narration to it, just whatever natural sound that the microphone picked up on. Enjoy.


  1. Parts of this look like they could have been filmed in our backyard. My only advantage is taht it's too hot to sit out in my yard right now.

  2. That must be very relaxing then! :)

  3. I like birds. I always feel sorry for the ones cooped up in cages. Last time I was in a pet store I swear there were 30 budgies crammed into one little glass-fronted display box. That's just not right. They should be free to spread their wings.

  4. That's a busy birdie highway :)

  5. Charles: I shot this yesterday afternoon. I took a pillow out of my car, sat down next to it and simply pointed the camera. And I can definitely sympathize about that. I have a spot next to the garage that I go to when the sun is full blast in the late afternoon.

    Lynn: It's been so relaxing that I have taken one hour naps while watching the birds. :D

    S.R.: I agree, that is way too many birds for one cage and they should have enough space to spread their wings.

    Sarah: Thanks.

    About YouTube, I mostly use it for my blog and the videos that I upload aren't available to the general public. You can only see them on the blog as I make them unlisted. I'm very protective about certain aspects of my life, which is why I do mostly pictures.

    Kelly: This is nothing compared to the early morning rush hour here. dozens upon dozens of birds use this place as a rest stop.

  6. I absolutely love birds.
    They are actually a source of inspiration for me.
    I'd italicize 'source' but I'm scared I'll mess up my HTML and then look like an idiot.
    Though I think I did that anyways.

  7. R.: Thankee. They are indeed nice.

    P.L&S: They are part inspiration (which is how this video came about) and part mind-clearer for me.

    And I wouldn't have it any other way. :D


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